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Has he been informed? Did he already know?


That Kelsang Gyatso's icon, Shugden, which he made infamous around the world, is alive. No longer merely a statue to dress up or an object of NKT chanting.

Imagine what it must have been like, assuming one of his lieutenants informed him, when they knocked on the door and entered his room, tiny as NKT describes, and shared the news with their founder. An auspicious circumstance.

How did he or will he receive the stunning news, that his god is walking the earth as he is, alive?

Did he fall into a meditative bliss or did he look like a deer in the headlights?

Was he happy...embarrased...shocked...furious...dismissive...depressed?

How will he respond when he meets Shugden in person?

Imagine that meeting. Will it be embracing or confrontational?

Will they have a joint news conference?

When will NKT address the news?

Will NKT modify its Shugden statues in its centers?

Will NKT evolve from ghost worship to supporting the living Shugden?

Will NKTites be in the parades and celebrations for the living Shugden when he comes out of his hiding place(s) for 30+ years?

Will NKT begin another war as they did against the Dalai Lama, its survivors and its critics, this time against the living Shugden?

Undoubtedly, NKT is already strategizing the news.

Kelsang Gyatso formed a new 'religion' from his envy of the Dalai Lama. How will Kelsang Gyatso respond to the existence of a living Shugden? Will he break away again? Will NKT's cult become even more extreme?

Will NKT threaten to sue over the news that Shugden has been reincarnated?

Stay tuned.