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The top of every web page on this site seems to ask a question, is NKT anti-Buddhist.

If applied to NKT's public battles, there is no doubt. NKT is anti-Buddhist. It has no real interest in who the Dalai Lama is and what he does.

The Dalai Lama serves traditional Tibet and the Tibetan Government in Exile in India (places where NKT has no stake), and because of his message the Dalai Lama is invited throughout the world to discuss the Buddhist reach for compassion. And, the Dalai Lama collaborates with a wide range of authors, spritual gatherings, scientists and historians.

No one in NKT has such a record or appeal. More than a decade of screaming and fist pumping from NKT has not dented the Dalai Lama. NKT's stones are too insignificant. Though Dalai Lama bashing makes NKT feel like a team, NKT has devised a team of anti-Buddhists.

NKT uses the Dalai Lama primarily to differentiate itself for western audiences seeking spirituality from the East from what NKT perceives are its competitors. The Dalai Lama is a big target for NKT, and attempting to ride his wave, NKT captures its craved media attention. Relatedly, NKT puts much effort in surfing the Internet too for its craving for beating up others.

Perhaps more importantly though, away from the lime light of NKT politics and publicity, NKT reveals its deeper anti-Buddhist self.

During my several years with NKT, I never found anyone compassionate. Sure, many of the local events discussed compassion, fixing the world, working for world peace, treating mental problems and the like, but never once did I find anyone in NKT, most especially among the teacher class, that put these words into actions. When I raised my observation, I was told to mind my own business because that is all we can ever do. I eventually realized that my NKT center viewed me more a source for money than a colleague.

I found NKT's longer-term students and teachers more arrogant, closed minded, evasive and egocentric than new comers. Interestingly, possibly a sign of residual redeeming value, most of the longer term folks substantially have reduced their participation or left NKT completely as its global battle raged over the last couple of years.

I am glad that NKT banned me for being different.

Whether its NKT's politics or teachings, NKT creates the antithesis of Buddhism and Buddhists.