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Buddhism is sublime, characteristically meditative, introspective, reverent, aesthetic, humble, appreciative and compassionate. Buddhist spirituality is a quiet wonder to be savored and explored. Our actions and their potencies guide our journey and influence our destination, vitalizing or retrograding our role to help others and deepen our spirituality.

Increasingly saddening, NKT is taking a corporate secular path away from Buddhism. Sure, NKT may go through the motions of its Tibetan Buddhism roots (even if trying to reject it by seeing it as degenerate), but NKT is swaying further and further from this path. Now, NKT projects itself as a political action committee, increasingly portraying itself as boastful, angry and proud in order to establish its notion of 'pure path' egocentric supremacy. NKTites have been reduced to political automatons paroting NKT talking points against non-believers and critics - targets for NKT's superficial self-gratifying delusions. Reading NKT blog entries is like listening to political hacks on Fox News, filtering everything through a partisan prism that ignores important issues and concerns so that the talking head appears to be winning the arguments the talking head cleverly employs to evade actual communication (in NKT's case, to effectively reject Buddhism when they are in the public's eye).

NKT first targeted the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (1980s). Next, NKT set its sights on The Dalai Lama (1990s-present) and is currently embroiled in deploying buses, lunch boxes, signs and megaphones in support of its protests around the world against The Dalai Lama, thriving on its head time with the media and undoubtedly in endless planning mode.

In July, NKT began attacking in high-profile manner on the Internet its critics and its members and clergy who were compelled to leave NKT because of the misconduct and anti-Buddhist hate and ego perpetrated by NKT's leadership that they experienced. Even though NKT concedes that, "There are problems within the NKT. No one is trying to cover that up," NKT now has the "New Kadampa Truth Team" armed with Internet web sites and blogs to pick apart and intentionally insult its critics rather than practice Buddhism.

Obviously, NKT has a committee that reviews the mounting criticism and reports of abuse, assigns sub-committees to marshal arguments and conduct opposition research, and finally publishes NKT's tit for tat. Countless hours and resources are deployed instead of practicing Buddhism. As of this writing, NKT is hard at work at refuting all 31 reasons why one of its members left NKT (see Lame Excuse, Again). Obviously, NKT is watching too much television and Right vs Left back and forth on the talking-head political debates, wastefully yearning to outsmart and battle against its critics, again instead of practicing Buddhism.

In the process of becoming a political party, NKT is rapidly becoming a farce, and to many, Buddhism is being seen as ridiculous and spiteful. Shameful, and a waste of human lives; even worse, a good example of a bad example for NKT's misled followers and newcomers.