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June 2019, a new NKT fiction commenced. The defamation and attempted destruction of a real person, Dr. Michelle Haslam (see here).

It was egregious enough to compel us to wake up, having presumed we had finished our commentaries in 2016. Wrong we were that NKT had quieted its maliciousness. In June, a fictional psychologist psychoanalyzed a real clinical psychologist who unfortunately was one of at least hundreds of NKT survivors. This NKT alter-ego even maliciously contacted her employer (a sick but recurring threat). Utterly disgusting.

Seeking to wormhole into Dr. Haslam's life, the malicious web site USING DR. HASLAM'S NAME EXCLUSIVELY in the site's 'url', a likely legal matter itself, has added more psychoanalysis at the expense of Dr. Haslam, maliciously announcing to the world that she is mentally incompetent because of her father. (also see)

From Dr. Haslam's unwanted fake psychotherapist practicing with a web site built on her good name, "Dr Robert Harrison",

"In 2002 Dr Haslam’s father Jeffrey Haslam died from cancer aged just 49. This may have been a short illness or a protracted illness, no details are given. Of relevance is the fact that Dr Haslam was just 14 years old at the time. There is a significant body of work that shows this age is particularly formative for females in terms of a wide variety of psychiatric disorders such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders such as anorexia, and PTSD...I find it very difficult to conclude that the New Kadampa Tradition played any significant part in the recurrence of her PTSD...It seems a far more likely scenario that due to the trauma of her father’s terrible illness and losing him at an early age she developed PTSD. In her relationship breakdown whilst living within the New Kadampa Tradition the trauma of that event and her attempts to deal with it led to another incidence of PTSD...Dr Haslam refers to her father having suffered from a mental disorder as well as cancer and this gives further evidence to support the theory that her relationship with her father was a traumatizing influence in her early life."

Disgusting. Malicious. A threat to anyone else recounting their cult abuse.

No real psychologist would publish their psychoanalysis of someone on the Internet. Their other patients, any students ir any academic affiliation would be horrified and properly file valid complaints for unlicensed and unethical practice of psychology.

Again, we applaud Dr. Haslam's sharing her story of abuse by a 'religious' cult and her mission to assemble a platform with other experts to form a resource center for cult victims. We pray it will help many as well as add to the rapidly growing body of evidence about cults, narcissist abuse, spiritual narcissists and attachment trauma. see here

Their strength and integrity and compassion are no match for malicious assault of a cult that has abused and threatened so many. Solving problems outweighs causing problems the hallmark of true compassion and anti-dote to abusers.