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Many years ago, the Dalai Lama began advising against the propitiation (worship, appeasement) of the angry spirit known as Shugden created by a suicide/murder and invoked by an extremist faction seeking power to harm those wishing freedom of religion regarding Shugdenism to not consider Shugden as a spirit Buddha (because there is no such thing except to Shugden cultists).

Tibetan monasteries, arriving at similar conclusions themselves, began limiting Shugen practices inside their monasteries. Clearly, Rinpoches, Lamas and Tulkus leading monasteries have the right to manage and lead their institutions consistent with their religious views. The monks in the monasteries also voted in agreement with the Dalai Lama and monastery leaders.

NKT responded to this news with shock and faulted the democracy expressed against Shugdenism.

Even though NKT asserts that it is not a form of Tibetan Buddhism, the only form of Buddhism that has ever had a faction worshiping Shugden, NKT saw the opportunity to more publicly work against the Dalai Lama and the historical Tibetan Government. NKT decided to lead Shugden-worshiping Tibetans with NKT's borrowed Shugden theology and life-long mission of Kelsang Gyatso to undermine the Dalai Lama and the non-Shugden-worshiping majority inside Tibet and the Tibet Government in Exile in India.

NKT chose to fight rather than support the obvious solution - for Shugdenites to form their own monasteries, revealing that NKT is more attracted to the politics of Shugden than the worshiping of Shugden.

Rather than focus on practicing Buddhism or common sense NKT supports protest rallies, Internet turmoil and litigation against the Dalai Lama.

Fighting the Dalai Lama and retaliating against NKT's ex clergy and students harmed by their experiences inside NKT, sometimes scandalous, has become NKT's driving mission so that it's businesses (marketed as charities by NKT) would prosper with as little attention by outsiders as possible. Notably, however, NKT relies significantly on government subsidies and income/property tax discounts - at the general public's expense.


Shugdenites in India tried common sense. They are forming their own monasteries, a far better solution than NKT's approach to pursue factionalization and revolution inside monasteries that do not support Shugden.

Tibetan Shugdenites Building Own Monasteries

Shar Gaden Monastery
"With 600 Tulkus, Geshes, Masters and monks keeping the lineage alive, Shar Gaden is located in Mundgod South India. It is next to Gaden Monastery and 25 minutes away from Drepung. We can access this great institute via Bombay or Bangalore. From Bombay/Bangalore you may take train or Bus which is 8-10 hours to the nearest city of Hubli. From Hubli it is one hour away by taxi.

Since His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that all Dorje Shugden practitioners must separate from the Monasteries and the general populace of non-Dorje Shugden practitioners in all ways, this monastery was formed. All Tibetans who do not practice Dorje Shugden may not have any association with those that do was the strict decree. As a result many tulkus, geshes, senior practitioners and monks had no choice but to sadly leave their respective monasteries out of respect for His Holiness Dalai Lama's decree. They gathered and joined to have Shar Gaden Monastery. Shar Gaden Monastery was not formed to counter or oppose His Holiness the Dalai Lama in anyway, but to have the freedom to practice as they have been from the instructions of their root gurus."

Serpom Norling Monastery
"Sera has produced innumerable scholars, masters, yogis, abbots, reincarnated tulkus and even regents. Currently Sera is in South India 6 hours away from Bangalore in Bylakuppe Tibetan Colony, Mysore State .

Due to the ban His Holiness the Dalai Lama has enforced, Dorje Shugden practitioners may not associate with non-Dorje Shugden practitioners in any way, shape or form. It is illegal for a Tibetan to associate with another Tibetan that practises this Protector. This is what His Holiness the Dalai Lama says for Dharma and secular lives, we must keep away from Dorje Shugden practitioners.

Hence, a large group of monks wishing to continue their practice of Dorje Shugden, had to separate from Sera Monastery in order to carry out this directive. They have formally started a new Monastery nearby.

They have currently many qualified Geshes, six Tulkus and altogether 500 monks."


Out of respect for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's decree! That NKT would ever say this is unimaginable. Politicians (e.g., NKT) never admit that they made a mistake.

NKT is largely alone in its battle against the Dalai Lama and entirely alone in its battle against its ex clergy, students, renters and administrators. Why not. Self cherishing and politics are more fun to NKT and it feels good to harm the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetans and tarnish the beauty of Buddhism. NKT thrives on feuds and factionalism.

NKT's stance in this world is one of a politician. It denies, it spins, it crafts half truths and non truths, it demonizes its competitors and calls them liars, it ignores history and truth, it damages innocent parties for sport, it seeks to divide, it trivializes the casualties it causes, it blames everyone else for its mistakes, when faced with the truth it attacks, what it looks like is not what it is, it has devious motives, it wastes other people's money for political vendettas, it glorifies itself rather than respect others.

NKT's political nature is like the vociferous right wing extremist talk show hosts on radio and television in the United States. Seething with hate, they scream that the rest of us are evil and liars and that we are ruining their pure vision for us to live by. They sponsor protests against what they call liberal in favor of a distorted version of conservatism. They seek to divide us. They seek supremacy and control. They demonize kindness and those who spread it. Kelsang Gyatso and Rush Limbaugh have much in common. They and their minions huff and puff against those helping others whose interests, responsibilities and freedoms are trivialized and misconstrued.


NKT Politics


(NKT uses charitable donations for busses, posters, megaphones, permits, meals, drinks, PR, planning sessions etc for its political battle)