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Shugdenites are attacking the Dalai Lama again, this time for not permitting democracy inside Tibet.

(furthermore, The September 1, 2011 press release from the US Shugden Society attacking the Dalai Lama for disallowing democracy in China's Tibet claim that they do not live in a democracy either, presumably because the US has not made Shugdenism its official religion)

Never mind that the Dalai Lama has lived in exile outside Tibet since 1959. Never mind that China has controlled Tibet ever since. Never mind that China disagrees with the Dalai Lama's existence.

Solace Shugdenites find to support their attack against the Dalai Lama in a June 18, 2001 opinion piece by Mike Carlton of the Sydney Morning Herald, Darkness behind the guru-bubble.


cartoon with Mr. Carlton's opinion against Dalai Lama and Tony Abbott

In his article, Mr. Carlton SPECULATES about a hypothetical discussion between the Dalai Lama and Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition in Australia politics...

"Perhaps they discussed homosexuality, where their views happily coincide, one mad monk to another. His Holiness regards gay or lesbian sex as a sin, and even masturbation - or "use of the hand", as he coyly puts it - is "sexual misconduct''. And oral sex, too. And gay marriage. Also bad."

Well then, perhaps Mr. Carlton would take issue with the teachings of NKT teachers in California. Or, maybe not since he is as against the Dalai Lama as NKT is.

Mr. Carlton also claims...

"The so-called apostle of kindness has been ruthless in crushing a rival Tibetan Buddhist sect known as Dorje Shugden ..."

Ruthless. Crushing. Applause from NKT. NKT has a new friend. No one in their right mind could call the Dalai Lama ruthless and crushing. But, NKT does.

Mr. Carlton also writes about the Dalai Lama,

"Yet some of his stuff is just plain barmy. Reincarnation is as silly as it gets."

Um...NKT bases its entire attack against the Dalai Lama NKT's analysis of the Dalai Lama's view that he does not recognize NKT's favorite political reincarnation - Shugden. Mr. Carlton would call Shugden and NKT's religion BARMY.

Yet again, Shugdenites' stretch for support contains remarkable criticism of their 'faith'.

Sensible or not, Shugdenites rely on anything they can find to protect Shugden - the only so-called protector who needs their mindless protection. Down with all of us who do not believe in the reincarnate Shugden as a basis for a 'religion' or politics.


Editors Note:
This is NKT's theology. Take things out of context and make a big deal about them. Fore example, take some of Tibetan Shugden lore and create a political religion devoted to Shugden protection for western audiences in order to attack the Dalai Lama and those who do not endorse, join or remain in NKT's political religion. So what tthat he newspaper writer criticized the entire legacy of reincarnation. He attacked the Dalai Lama. This is all that counts. Like Mr. Carlton's speculation about the Dalai Lama, NKT lives in speculation. Like Mr. Carlton's, NKTs views are political, though dressed up as religious.