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Those, that would produce such a web site, and call the NKT - anti Buddhist - and a "CULT" - WITHOUT EVEN TAKING CREDIT FOR AUTHORSHIP OF THEIR WORDS, are mere cowards hiding behind a veil on many, many, mixed truths, and many many untruths! Mahayana Buddhism, and the Lam Rim, and the translations as given by the MOST VENERABLE GESHELA KELSANG GAYATSO, are some of the only English translations, based on the oldest practices of Buddhism in the world!

To call this most wonderful spreading of this form of Buddhism throughout the western world a 'CULT", is not only PREPOSTEROUS, but your web site is filled with numerous untruths that have no basis in LOVE, COMPASSION, and the CHERISHING OF OTHERS

The fact that "NO AUTHORSHIP", or no "SIGNATORY CLAIM" to the words printed on your web site, shows the depravity, and the amoral depths that one, or a group of, human beings will sink to in order to spew VILE and HATE FILLED rhetoric, and proves that these wicked words have no Buddhist foundation to stand upon! As no real mindful Buddhist would even launch such hate filled attack on another human being! Right, wrong, or indifferent, the people behind this web site and MASSIVE DEROGATORY UNTRUTHS, AND ANTHROPOMORPHIC LIES, will find themselves in rebirth in the "Hell Realm" of the "World of Scary Ghosts"!

The NKT is the fastest growing body of students that are willfully and mindfully practicing the Buddhist teachings, throughout the world since the Christen Reformation! I have never once been told that I have to give money, donate money, give my time, donate my time, or told I must surrender myself to anything for a single Dharma prasctice! I have been a practicing NKT BUDDHIST FOR OVER 17 YEARS! All that I have been ever asked to give to others was LOVE, COMPASSION, and CHERISHING OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS INCLUDING THOSE THAT MAY EVEN WISH TO DO ME HARM!

The AUDACITY to provoke such negative karma on thousands of people associated with NKT Dharma centers around the world, by non authored, and non signatory lies, only shows the depravity that one will sink to, in spreading such malicious hatred!

You that has authored this tripe, I will pray for your soul, as you are not only a coward, but a NON-BUDDHIST in every way, shape, and form!

I, however, will continue to seek refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sanga! Where you will find yours is unbeknownst to me!



Editors Note:
Ouch. This essay from an NKT supporter reminds us of one we received nearly 2 years ago. Anger is strong in NKT circles. So is name calling and wishes of demise (eg, hell rebirth) from NKT representatives. Examples of NKT core principles.

Names would make all the difference? We think it's the content that counts.

If specified authors you seek before being convinced, consider the essay quoting Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen and Sera je Monastery. There are dozens of other named authors here as well.

Thanks for your respect and praying for the souls of our essayists, our editors and the authors of our many references, though your promise of love, compassion and cherishing others, including for us, contradicts your comments.

We wonder how compelling this essay will be. We also wonder what 'anthropomorphic lies' are, and why not a single one was exposed. Other than comments from NKT supporters we are unaware of any lies and have yet to be shown any.

This web site would not exist without love for, compassion for and cherishing of others.


The above essay was submitted June 2010.

May 2010, an NKT agent started a blog to specifically "tackle" this web site, nktworld.org, promising substantial evidence against this web site over the next several months (nktworld.com takes you to this blog against nktworld.org). Since May, nothing new has appeared other than this video,

Kelsang Gyatso is not our guru. His actions, teachings and credentials do not merit the status of guru.

It seems that the video applies to NKT.

No lies in this web site have been identified.

That blog noted the following!

"Praise also to His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, who in our times, just like a second Buddha, performs enormous deeds of love and peace — to further your teachings and foster the roots of virtue of all the world's beings—a life-protecting lord."

(we agree; Tenzin Gyatso is the name of the Dalai Lama, who NKT campaigns against; he is not the second Buddha per se, but "like a second Buddha")

As always, corrections to this web site are invited. We are determined to be accurate and helpful.