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(excerpts from worshipers)


Ever since I got to know about Dorje Shugden from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's Heart Jewel, I've always felt the closeness of this protector and I felt that it has protected me from many dangerous situations, the one that I recalled clearly would be to make my cab driver stop in time and not hit into another car while I was on my way to a very important business meeting.

I have not experienced any harm from doing Dorje Shugden's practice. On the contrary, I feel extremely protected doing His practice. Like having an omniscient big brother who is unfaltering, even though I am.

My family has been protected and saved, and so have I. I'd be extremely ungrateful to say that his practice brings harm coz it does not.

Everyday I visualize Dorje Shugden as one with my guru, at the top of my head, facing forward, and as bright as the sun descending to my heart and then the light disperses to the tips of my body.

Dorje Shugden has not just saved my life, but my sanity. He comforts me, protects me and puts my mind at ease; when I am in trouble, I never worry because I know Dorje Shugden has got my back. He is like my mother and father all rolled into one. All I need to do is think of him, and he comes.

If it was not Dorje Shugden I bet I would have had a very very bad marriage, perhaps even separated by now. He has also helped my sister countless of times... every time she does his puja when he luck is down or she is in desperate need of some kind of help... he would immediately help and very quickly her situation would change very fast.

Also almost died in a very bad car accident, the car was a goner, me, not a scratch.

Whenever I am in tough situations it feels like no solution is foreseeable. The amazing thing is that when I do my dorje shugden prayers, solutions and options come clearly to me. This has happened to me not once but many many times. Initially I thought it was mere coincidence but after many such "enlightening" moments, it was clear to me my Protector was helping me and giving me solutions to be happy.

Someone asked me the other day if I could give up my practice. In short, hell no. To give up Protector practice is to slap the faces of all the lamas on the Guru tree, because Dorje Shugden came from under Tsongkhapa's throne.

The mass public does not understand why we would not give up our practice, especially when they are so used to hearing the unpleasant stories of how Dorje Shugden is an evil spirit and etc.

All that bullsh&$t that Dorje Shugden harms practitioners is all lies.

Dorje Shugden has never ever harmed me. On the contrary, he has given me so much protection physically and in my spiritual path. There were quite a few times I have almost got into an accident but I managed to avoid it at the nick of time.