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In 1956, three years before the exodus of Dalai Lama from Tibet, Dorje Shugden in a trance told a few Khampa warriors to band together and form a society of warriors at a lake in the shape of Vajrayogini’s ritual chopper – Driguk.

However, they were few, disorganized, lazy and were unable to find the lake. So, Dorje Shugden in a trance manifested anger and scolded the Khampa warriors. The protector fiercely told them to unite despite the fact that there were only a few of them.

The Khampa warriors eventually got together and discovered the lake, and as predicted by Dorje Shugden, the dug out a sword near the lake, and together with another sword which Dorje Shugden gave them, it formed the emblem of Chushi Gangdruk, which was a crossed double swords.

Dorje Shugden is so compassionate that he even prepared the warriors so they would be able to assist the Dalai Lama at the most crucial time. The Dalai Lama wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Dorje Shugden’s assistance.

Panglung Kuten wanted to travel to India before the fall of Tibet also. However, Dorje Shugden in a trance asked him not to go, because he was needed to take trance to tell the Dalai Lama and other high lamas clearly what Dorje Shugden’s instructions were in order to escape from Tibet to India during the Chinese invasion in the late 50s. He was only allowed to leave Tibet after the Dalai Lama and all the great High Lamas escaped. Shugden kept Panglung Kuten in Tibet until the very last moment to be is mouthpiece to ensure the safety of Dalai Lama and high lamas to escape.

Panglung Kuten and his consort escaped to India and resided in Kalimpong. He passed away at the age of 60, when his son was 13 years old. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche trained his son to be his successor and today the son has become a famous Oracle as good as his father.

Dorje Shugden has clairvoyance, and if the Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden were not to collaborate I doubt Dorje Shugden would have gone to so much to preserve the Dalai Lama's life. So no way Dorje Shugden can be harmful to the Dalai Lama now. Dorje Shugden saved the Dalai Lama so Dalai Lama can spread Kalachakra teachings also.

...so the legend goes...Shugden formed a guerilla group in 1956.