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The Dalai Lama be damned according to NKT.

NKT's latest slam, its headline...."The Dalai Lama's Followers are Used for Psychological Warfare," along with this photograph,

dalai Lama

NKT's message...those who attend the Dalai Lama's events are co-conspirators in psychological warfare against the world and especially NKT's Shugdenites.

NKT's proof....a 1950 memo of the United States discussing China's looming overthrow of Tibet, which occurred by 1959, and which necessitated the Dalai Lama and about one hundred thousand Tibetans escape to India, whose government offered safety for them and the Tibet Government in Exile.

According to the 1950 memo...

"The rise of Communist power in China and the present pattern of Soviet expansion in Central Asia clearly indicate that pressure will be applied against Tibet to bring it into the Communist orbit...Communist dominated Tibet would present an immediate threat to Nepal and India. It would, therefore, be in the interest of our national security to preserve Tibet as a buffer against the spread of Communist influence."

The United States and allies considered assisting Tibetans in their struggle to maintain its centuries-old identity as a religious and conservative country. The 1950 memo mentioned offering measures of psychological warfare against the communists, though none were illuminated.

The Dalai Lama, who NKT wrongly claims was a satanic villain and CIA stooge, was 14 years old when this memo was written.

NKT goes on to say,

"The CIA went on to formulate and fund a strategy of anti-communist propaganda with the Dalai Lama that included sponsoring him personally, and well as establishing Tibet Houses on his behalf in various locations and encouraging him to teach widely."

There you have it. NKT blames current members in audiences at events held by the Dalai Lama as combatants armed with psychological warfare against the 1950s communist invasion of Tibet and, by some wacky time warp, against everything NKT considers 'pure' now.

Kelsang Gyatso's followers often praise the communist invasion, claiming that it saved Tibet from alleged corruption of hundreds of years of Tibetan self-rule.

Kelsang Gyatso's followers also widely describe their lust for the death of the Dalai Lama and on the benefits that this will have to promote NKT politics. They can hardly wait.

While Kelsang Gyatso's retirement produced an end to his overt protests around the world, his organizaton's hate of the Dalai Lama lives on as his most visible legacy.