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"The mind is like a fertile field. If we contaminate it with the poisons of ignorance, desire, anger, jealousy, and pride, we will inevitably produce poisonous crops. Acting carelessly or harmfully toward others, or working for our own benefit at the expense of others, will only create limitation and suffering. Medicinal seeds — wholesome, virtuous acts of kindness, love, and compassion — will produce the fruits of peace and benefit. Actions that are both positive and negative will produce a mixture of happiness and sadness. This is the principle of karma. Karma originates in the mind. Our thoughts give rise to words and actions, and these have consequences. We cannot plant poisonous seeds and expect edible or medicinal fruit. When we begin to see the negative results of our self-centeredness, we understand why we must carefully choose which seeds to plant. Our future is in our own hands."

(Lama Shenpen Drolma, from Change of Heart: The Bodhisattva Peace Training of Chagdud Tulku)

NKT Poisonous Crops






"We cannot plant poisonous seeds and expect edible or medicinal fruit."

Please excuse me, the above commentary is borrowed from a previous essay, NKT Didn't Get the Memo. Also see Oz, Wonderland and Make Believe.

"Have you ever wondered why life seems so complicated today - more complicated and stressful year after year? One reason is the ever-evolving army of mind viruses, taking over a greater and greater portion of your mind, diverting you from your pursuit of happiness...

Cult religions are springing up everywhere, the result of more powerful mind viruses. These cults take control of people's minds and make members engage in bizarre behavior...

There are two key elements necessary for a cult:

1. Each individual commits to some mission or higher purpose not chosen through personal, conscious reflection.

2. There are serious consequences attached to leaving

Cults typically have a mission that they say they're working toward - perhaps a holy mission. Members are conditioned to believe that this mission is the most important use of their lives..."

(Richard Brodie, from Virus of the Mind)

Claiming no affiliation with Tibetan Buddhism the NKT cult seeks to export a controversial harmful sectarian practice originating in Tibet - NKT's main practice, the worship and viral spread of Shugdenism around the world. Because the Dalai Lama is the historical spiritual and political leader of Tibet, and as such recommends against Shugden worship because of its affiliation with hate crimes, NKT has focused its public policy to undermine and defame the Dalai Lama regardless of the collateral damage of NKT's protest rallies and prolific Internet attacks on the public at large.

NKT, a mind virus, like biological and computer viruses has no shame. NKT's targeted hosts, the minds of westerners, who because of culture are the most susceptible targets that Kelsang Gyatso could find to spread his trojan.

Shugden, under NKT protection


NKT Politics Displayed around the World


Designated NKT Future Leader Stirring Anti-Tibetan Dissent