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NKT was sued in New Zealand several months ago.

Mid August 2011, the court ruled against NKT, finding NKT liable for $1.08 million in damages plus $7,100 marketing costs for an unsuccessful attempt to sell Highden after the NKT reneged on its real estate deal and interest yet to be decided.

From the press account of the court's ruling...

"The lawyer for Mr Michaels and Ms Druker, Hugh Rennie, QC, said the judgment could be enforced overseas.

"It is a matter of finding some location where they have assets," he said.

The Buddhist group's website says they have hundreds of branches, spiritual bases and study centres in 40 countries. The "mother centre" is an English priory, but the list also includes a French chateau, a property near Hollywood, California, and a centre in an Italian spa town.

The Buddhist group took no part in the court proceedings."

Not yet known....whether NKT will abide by the court's ruling.


Editors Note:
NKT responded to the news article about the court ruling against NKT.

NKT wants $20 million in compensation instead of paying the approximately $1 million court judgement, a legal responsibility.

"…NKT did everything correctly, nothing wrong. But now this presentation that your article gives, humiliates the NKT and is causing people to develop bad feelings towards the organisation. This seriously damages the the reputation of over 1000 NKT Buddhist Centres throughout the world, one consequence of which will be damage to the financial development of all these centres. We consider that the NKT would require a minimum of of US$20 million to compensate for this financial damage to over 1000 NKT centres. We are advising you the proprietors of this newspaper, the owners of the property Highden manor and their lawyer have the responsibility to provide this compensation. It is clearly impossible for you to avoid this responsibility because you have caused this damage to the NKT and all its Buddhist Centres throughout the world." (signed) Steve Cowing General Secretary of the NKT-IKBU"

They they go again, going for financial gain...demanding 20 times more than the court judgement against NKT. NKT seeks money for more chateaus, Hollywood property and spas.