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Who can imagine such a thing? Who could do such a thing?

Protest rallies, hate speech, maliciousness, sexual assaults, megaphones, fists, large posters, ugly parades, calling their targets terrible names, threatening employers, threatening law suits, threatening violence, wasting large amounts of money and time, vile Internet attacks, dangerous psychoanalysis, and damaging lives.

NKT's angry campaign looks like those of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, ISIS, religious zealots and cults. Like them, NKT invents a fake god to lead its shame. But unlike them, NKT defiles Buddhism, wearing it like its fake monastic robes.

Not just one of these vile acts, but all of them. Unimaginable, but there it is. Since 1996, this is NKT's self portrayal. Photo essays and videos produced by NKT, planted on the Internet and reviewed in NKT's manifestos. NKT's planning events are like parties and its prep areas for protest rallies like festivals. Great fun at our expense.

We shun to watch it or read about it. We cry. We despair at their wasting their lives and the damage they cause to countless others.

We have honored Buddhism our whole life, never seeing even a kernel of basis for what NKT does, and does with glee...merging hate and glee for fun and profit.

We've poured ourselves over the pages of Tsongkhapa and appreciated intensely, but quietly. The pages and message are always reaching us. We have a few moments here and a few moment there spoke to Tsonghkapa. Not a scintilla of justification for what NKT does there is from Tsongkhapa or any other Buddhist Lama. So deeply saddened we are at NKT's appropriation and abuse of Kadampa Buddhism to propel NKT's vile campaign and worldly business empire.

War is never a good thing. NKT's war has many casualties, including most everyone who observes NKT PR machine market its war. NKT has turned too many away, scarring everyone sometimes visibly sometimes yet realized.

Please stop. Think about your life and destiny.