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NKT Underwear

As NKT fires up its public deception assault again, following the Dalai Lama around the world in his mission of salvation and happiness, the absurdity of NKT's counter mission of hate and politics is immutable for everyone who watches the renewed NKT spectacle.

Peel away the facade and NKT's motivation shines. NKT, hiding itself as a religion using monk and nun actors dressed as Tibetan Buddhists, is determined to deceive spirituality seekers to donate money and assistance to NKT's sole purpose: to overthrow the Dalai Lama (a purpose not disclosed in its arty 'temple' brochures and web sites). Cleverly, NKT's deception secures western government funding for China's political obsession by way of tax-exempt revenue and government compensation for what are in effect NKT employees housed to maintain NKT's real estate investments and savvy marketing programs. NKT plots an unholy marriage of politics and business.

NKT's political mechanisms are most readily deciphered by Tibetans who recognize NKT as a cynical agent of China in its hegemony to end Tibet and the spiritual gifts of the Dalai Lama and his fellow Buddhists.

With utmost ridiculousness and ugliness China and NKT call the Dalai Lama, exiled since 1959 from his home in Tibet, the “The Worst Dictator in the Modern World.”

Pretenders waging a surreptitious war against Tibet at taxpayer expense
Non Tibetans going out of their way to overthrow the Dalai Lama