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NKT presents itself in 2 ways. One to attract innocents into NKT service and financial donations. The other, to arm its battle with traditional Tibet and NKT survivors and critics.

NKT publishes 2 kinds of books and messages. One selling selections of Buddhist ideals (authored by Kelsang Gyatso). The other, selling politics and hate (under Kelsang Gyatso's direction, authored by NKT's political arm, the Western Shugden Society, or WSS), abhorring Buddhist ideals and openly claiming that Buddhism is corrupt and the Dalai Lama is evil, a liar and a murderer.

When it wants to, NKT can present itself as pious Tibetan lineage Buddhists. When it wants to, NKT can present itself as spiteful political campaigners, as it does so often during its protests and in its Internet attacks.

NKT claims it welcomes everyone while it aggressively bans and ridicules anyone questioning NKT's version of religion.

NKT has only one public initiative, to protest Tibetan Buddhism and harmony. In this quest, NKT is stubborn, fixated and self centered.