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Tsondru Try

An NKT fake monk chose one of the 500 essays here to attack during August 2019, claiming that the essayist and this web site are ignorant and lacking reading comprehension. (original essay from 10 years ago)

Lacking proper training and deluded by NKT, Tsondru endorses this false quote published by Gyatsu.

Ostensibly, Gyatso quoted Nagarjuna (sometime during 150-250 AD in India).

However, this is a FALSE quote, and a FALSE teaching.

Note large Shugden Icon Statue in background

Gyatso also published his false quote and teaching in a 2011 book.

NKT again published Gyatso's false quote for its November 16-21, 2018 NKT retreat in New York 'led' by its fake nun Demo.

Gyatso repeatedly FALSELY quotes Nagarjuna and distorts Nagarjuna.

Falsely, Tsondru insists that all Tibetan lamas agree with Gyatso and that they disagree with and contradict nktworld.org's essayist. Falsely, Tsondru claims that nktworld.org cannot read and is not "as well-read as they would have us to believe!"

Neither Nagarjuna nor any legitimate Buddhist would agree with Gyatso's 'quote' in NKT's graphic from 10 years ago or those thereafter.

Nagarjuna actually said, "Even three times a day to offer three hundred cooking pots of food does not match a portion of the merit In one instant of love." Nagarjuna is also quoted as "Even three times a day to offer Three hundred cooking pots of food Does not match a portion of the merit In one instant of love," or as "Even three times a day to offer three hundred cooking pots of food does not match a portion of the merit in one instant of love." Countless valid references to these quotes exist, none exist to support Gyatso.

Notably, while NKT will submit vile essays to nktworld.org (example), no one from NKT will disavow them. Another interesting essay here discusses the prurient pass times of 2 of its leading teachers. And, several essays here reference the sexual assaults of senior NKT clergy on lower level NKT clergy.

Also notable, while NKT professes it is not related to any school of Buddhism and is not Tibetan Buddhism, it uses, abuses actually, Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhist lamas from India and Tibet to prove its credibility. However, attacking Tibetan Buddhism and lamas and distorting their teachings confers NO credibility to NKT.

If Gyatso was a real Geshe or if NKT monks and nuns were real monks and nuns then such blatantly false quotes and teachings would not exist. Nor, would Gyatso and NKT attack Tibetan Buddhists and lamas, journalists, authors and NKT survivors...and now again nktworld.org.


Editors Note
We suspect that the essayist would continue to say that NOT feeding all living beings is not an expression of love or advised. This would starve trillions of living beings and Earth would be as scorched and lifeless as Mercury. Not offering food is a different matter and could be be less meritorius than meditating on love.

Certainly, trading love for hunger when life is on the line deserves much more consideration than offered by Gyatso's false quote.

For example, we might consider, as our essayist did 10 years ago, Nagarjuna's more complete quote about the virtue of nurture...

No. 241. O One of Good Wisdom, please provide Hostels, parks, dikes, Ponds, rest-houses, water-vessels, Beds, food, hay, and wood.

No. 242. Please establish rest-houses In all towns, at temples, and in all cities And provide water-vessels On all arid roadways.

No. 243. Always care compassionately For the sick, the unprotected, those stricken With suffering, the lowly, and the poor And take special care to nourish them.

No. 244. Until you have given to monastics and beggars Seasonally-appropriate food and drink, As well as produce, grain, and fruit, You should not partake of them.

No. 248. Please have small containers In the shade filled with sesame, Rice, grains, foods, molasses, And suitable waters.

No. 249. At the openings of ant-hills Please have trustworthy persons Always put food, water, Sugar, and piles of grain.

No. 250. Before and after taking food Always appropriately offer fare To hungry ghosts, dogs, Ants, birds, and so forth.

No. 283. Even three times a day to offer Three hundred cooking pots of food Does not match a portion of the merit In one instant of love.

No. 284. Though [through love] you are not liberated You will attain the eight good qualities of love- Gods and humans will be friendly, Even [non-humans] will protect you.

Nagarjuna is critically important in the creation of Kadampa Budhism (in many ways, the opposite of NKT). From Buddha Shakyamuni to Manjushri to Nagarjuna to Shantideva to Koju to Atisha who reinvigorated Budhism in Tibet.

Atisha formulated Kadampa, later revived by Tsongkhapa in Tibet and brought forward to today by the 14 Dalai Lamas for 500 years among many others but since 1991 defiled by Gyatso and NKT, who appropriate Kadampa as a marketing tool for their real estate development, taxpayer subsidies, product and nirvana sales and fake monastic 'training' . Notably, Atisha and Tsongkhapa particularly reinvigorated monastic vows, almost entirely defiled by Gyatso and NKT.


Tsondru keeps amending his attack on this web site's essayist, still refusing to read Gyatso's falsified quote and distortion of Nagarjuna.

We say again that the essay submitted here 10 years ago was NOT about Nagarjuna, but rather Gyatso's falsification of Nagarjuna's teaching.

In vain attempt to undermine our essayist, Tsondru relies on another Tibetan Lama banned by NKT who clarifies that Nagarjuna spoke about a small clay pot of rice made for 300 beggars daily, not actually consumed, as a portion of their food intake and that meditating on love would earn more merit than preparing these token small pots of rice.

Nagarjuna's writings as are those of all Buddhist Lamas are BANNED inside NKT, all that is permitted is Gyatso's falsified quotes from Buddhist Lamas, and thus falsified teachings.

Bravo, Tsondru, you more or less are getting what Nagarjuna meant....except that you cannot yet read or comprehend Gyatso's falsification of Nagarjuna's teaching or our essayist. Gyatso substanially changed Nagarjuna's teaching to 'offering food to ALL living beings', not simply preparing a small pot of rice for 300. Nagarjuna is correct if understood properly, Gyatso is lying.

Deeper consideration is deserved, though this is not what our essayist attempted. For example, the unfortunate ease of intensifying one's ego by superficial merit building, what Gyatso sells for cash.

Question, why won't Tsondru criticize the vile essays NKT submitted to this web site rather than erroneously defend Gyatso's distortion of Nagarjuna?