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When it is not attacking, protesting or marketing its profitable ventures, NKT boasts its alleged unique role to be the most able proponent anywhere in the world of the esteemed Tibetan Lama Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) and the last remaining hope for his legacy (even while NKT shuns Tibetan Buddhism, and Tsongkhapa's school in particular, as degenerate and hates the Dalai Lama, the most widely known adherent of Tsongkhapa's teachings).

If NKT was sincere and not occasionally merely acting piously and pretending to be Buddhists, it would respect the marvelous life and work of Tsongkhapa (who, by the way, never once promoted NKT's demon, a westernized version of the Tibetan harmful spirit named Shugden).

For example, in his Twenty-Seven Verses on Mind Training, Tsongkhapa writes...

"7) The seeds of action are positive and negative intentions. Any intention consciously rooted in selfless motivation, desiring only sheer goodness for all conscious life, will establish the stable ground of goodness and will universally generate rich results of goodness. Any intention even slightly weakened by selfish motivation undermines both the ground of our life and its fruits. Intention is the sole creative force of existence.

8) To cling to the intention of triumphing over another, the desire to prosper at the expense of any being or to indulge in the slightest bias against any being because of personal feelings of attraction or repulsion, these alone are the causes for whatever suffering exists in personal lives and in the universe as a whole. We should meditate ceaselessly on this revolutionary truth, remaining conscious of it during every moment of existence.

9) Those who attempt to deceive with words of advice that in any way exalt selfishness and depreciate selflessness become hopelessly lost in narrow-mindedness, obsessed with their own selfish interests. Such persons create the only error in the universe: diverting our precious care and concern for others to ourselves. This deception not only expresses hatred for Buddha's wisdom but is the absurd attempt to destroy universal Buddha nature.

10) To avoid decisively this disastrous way of hatred, bring to birth within your stream of awareness the maternal mind of totally positive intentions toward all beings as toward cherished children. This mind of kindness, supremely skillful in loving care, unveils the infinite value of every single life, demonstrating compassion as the meaning of existence. But the clumsy negative mind, operating blindly without concern for the preciousness of others, drains the nectar of meaning from human life. Cultivate diligently the selfless love that transforms every thought and action into tangible help for conscious beings."

Little of what NKT does adheres to Tsongkhapa's teachings. If it did, the world would be a better place.