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NKT recently noted that a Buddhist blogger known as 'truthsquad' (a name inspired by NKT's web sites and blogs wrongly marketing NKT as a pillar of truth while attacking The Dalai Lama and a half dozen other Buddhists) observed that,

“Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, now 78 and worshiped by his devotees as a cult hero, as the greatest Shugden protector, and as a supreme omniscient being whose narcissistic visions, power goals, dharma interpretations, lineage analysis and fundamentalist politics are infallible.”

NKT wrongly claims that there is "never any evidence provided for attacks of this nature." Notably, 'truthsquad's' comment is an intensively researched and meditated observation, not an attack. The essays and analyses on this web site, in peer-reviewed studies, in thoroughly documented reference texts, in reports from many inside NKT and those who developed the courage to leave NKT, and in countless media stories provide substantial evidence. Virtually nothing in NKT's campaign against Buddha's teachings is consistent with Buddha's teachings; rather, NKT's campaign exemplifies the power and detriment of samsara.

Of course, if one dismisses mountains of evidence, perhaps there is no evidence left - yet another example of NKT's self-fulfilling delusion.

Clear to anyone who visits any NKT center or reads any NKT web site and blog is that Gyatso is in fact worshipped "as a cult hero, as the greatest Shugden protector, and as a supreme omniscient being." NKT gampas, pujas, festivals, literature, protests and press conferences around the world are engineered to market Gyatso as a cult hero, the greatest Shugden protector and a Buddha.

Khyenrab, Gyatso's Heir

gyatso heir


Khyenrab and Dekyong Protesting



Attempting to be clever, NKT pretends that Gyatso is not a cult hero, the greatest Shugden protector, and a supreme omniscient being by claiming that Gyatso lives in no more than the same small and austere room he moved into in the 1970s and never leaves this room except to teach, rarely talks about himself, has spent 16 years in blissfully happy retreat, when he leaves Manjushri Center he lives quietly in unknown locations with just one or two assistants, gives all gifts to him away, is not interested in engaging in politics (never mind that Gyatso initiated the global campaign against a head of state, The Dalai Lama), never indicates or declares his 'realizations' to others (notwithstanding Gyatso's quote below and many others), in Summer 2009 he will voluntarily step down as General Spiritual Director of the NKT in a democratic system of succession that he himself established, and does not have one single trapping of luxury, power or worldly success. Is NKT kidding? Is truth so ethereal to NKT?

NKT quotes Gyatso for 'support' that Gyatso is not an omniscient being (from Gyatso's 2008 sermon in Paris),

"If my motivation, view and actions are pure, and the teaching is correct, then the wisdom being of Lama Tsongkhapa will enter my body, remain at my heart inseparable with my mind, and speak through me. At that time I am like CD player, but the real teachings are coming from Lama Tsongkhapa or Buddha Shakyamuni. This means that at that time, practically, I can be an emanation of Buddha or Lama Tsongkhapa. For as long as that wisdom being remains, I am an emanation of Buddha, an emanation of Je Tsongkhapa. I can say this. If my pure motivation, view, or actions change, then the wisdom being will disappear and I will not be an emanation, I will become ordinary.

An emanation of Buddha can have many meanings. One meaning of emanation of Buddha is a person who really is Buddha, but there are other people who are temporarily functioning as Buddhas through the wisdom being of Buddha entering and remaining at their heart when they give teachings. At that time they have the same function as Buddha, and are also an emanation of Buddha. When the wisdom being disappears, they are no longer an emanation. Therefore, at different times, different situations will arise. Sometimes I can be an emanation, sometimes maybe not necessarily.

Even if we have the realization that spontaneously believes that we are Buddha Heruka, we should never indicate or declare this to others, as such behavior is inappropriate in normal society. People will still see us as John and not Heruka, and we also know that John is not Heruka. The realizations of divine pride and clear appearance are inner experiences that have the power to control our delusions, and from which pure actions will naturally develop. There is therefore no basis for us to show inappropriate behavior; we must continue to engage in our daily activities and communicate with others as normal.”

(Interestingly, Gyatso's teaching blurs the Buddha nature of Tsongkhapa, who NKT teaches is an emanation of Manjushri and Shugden. Gyatso is now saying that Tsongkhapa could merely have been a CD player. Clearly, Gyatso is not acting like an emanation of a Buddha in his hurtful assault on Buddhism, exemplifying Gyatso's notion of "devine pride.")

All this is a smokescreen. Truthsquad's quote from several months before it was published by NKT on January 22 referred to Gyatso's devotees.

And to Gyatso's own on-camera quote,

"People thinking Geshe Kelsang is the Third Buddh is not a bad thing. Maybe they think like this because they have Pure Mind so maybe they think he's a Buddha. There is nothing wrong in that." (Gyatso in 1998 documentary)

Exemplifying yet another truth denial of NKT, NKT's claim that 'truthsquad' "has never been to an NKT center" is 100% false. 'Truthsquad' attended many programs in various NKT centers for several years and studied all of Gyatso's books. However, 'truthsquad'" abhors NKT's assault against Buddhism, The Dalai Lama and other highly respected Tibetan Lamas as well as NKT's marketing of defamatory biographies of various other sincere Buddhists and ugly hateful public protests (too often in juxtaposition with the Chinese government's mission to overthrow The Dalai Lama and submit Tibet to cultural genocide). Other than those motivated and excited by hate, who wouldn't?

NKT, why not heed Gyatso (or was this simply another NKT ruse)?

"Some small group in our NKT society engage in meaningless activity on the internet, not only Sangha, some lay. This is incorrect. We are Kadampa practitioners, Kadampa Teachers. Why are we enjoying meaningless activity, discussion? We can have a meaningful discussion with pure practitioners or senior practitioners, Teachers. There is no meaning in talking about silly things publicly on the internet. Instead, make meaningful discussion with our pure practitioners, senior Teachers. Please give my message to the individuals of this group. Stop this kind of actions. Gen-la Khyenrab, give my message in email or writing. Stop meaningless discussion on the internet. If you wish, do meaningful discussion with senior Teachers or pure practitioners, or meaningful discussion with your Teacher. No meaning engaging in silly question and answers on the internet. Please Gen-la Khyenrab, pass my message. I am telling you for your purpose and our society's purpose. In this way, keep individuals and society pure and show very good example." (Gyatso)

In 2002, Gyatso said, "I can guarantee that the NKT and myself have never performed inappropriate actions and will never do so in the future, this is our determination," and that he and NKT had "completely stopped being involved in the Shugden issue at any level" since 1998. In April 2008, Gyatso wrote, "I personally will organize demonstrations against The Dalai Lama directly"?

NKT, do you have any connection with truth? Does anyone in NKT leadership have any measure of respect for living beings? Is the ego gratification worth your deplorable campaign? Why not practice Buddhism and compassion? Show us you care, not that you hate. Show us collaboration, not fanaticism. Help, don't harm.