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Thank you for your web page. It is rare to find a site on the web that is actually reasoned, clear and communicates actual information!

I am not nor have I been a follower of GKG. In the small town where I live, his is the only Buddhist resource! But I have known about him and his organization for a long time. I have even tried to read his books, most of which were incomprehensible.

In the 70's I was a follower of Mahesh ("Maharishi" Mahesh "yogi"). The characteristics of GKG you describe ring true and almost exactly describe Mahesh as I knew him. I can only conclude that the psychologists and psychiatrists are right in describing personality and psychology "flaws" that crop up in bundles, as it were! I have also been part of a Blog trying to set the record straight on Mahesh and his less than pure agenda; I know from experience that that is discouraging work.

Mahesh is dead and his organization is bonkers. I learned a lot from Mahesh, however, especially what to avoid - but also some very interesting things about meditation and the effects wrongly used meditation can have. I also understand how a devote of GKG cannot see from the "inside" what is so blatant from the "outside". This was definitely my situation with Mahesh until I caught Mahesh in a compromised situation in which he publically claimed he had special knowledge but I had overheard and listened whilst others coached him privately in this knowledge.

Since the early 80s I have been devoted to Buddhist values and teachings beginning with Sōtō Zen and continuing through many Kagyu teachings, empowerments and transmissions through the grace of both Thrangu Rinpoche and HH the Dalai Lama. But that was before I moved. Since the late 90s I have focused on the Theravāda and am thinking of trying to start a Theravāda community here.

Thank you again for your excellent work. I hope it will assist others in liberating themselves.


Editors Note:
Thank you in return.

Notable that most of the NKT's own essays here essentially say the same. NKT's hate mongering clarifies its politics and anti-Buddhism.

Unfortunately, Buddhist communities can be difficult to find. NKT is sometimes the only option. Just don't turn yourself over to NKT. Combiine your visits with healthy doses of traditional Buddhist literature, which is banned inside NKT. Work towards sensing the good in others, which traditional Buddhism does.