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Noticed this viewpoint about this web site from an active NKT supporter.

"I disagree with a large portion of NKTWorld, and a large portion of ISC; yet both are valid voices and have the right to be voiced!"

ISC refers to International Shugden Society, the organization created by, directed by and armed by NKT. Only NKT has exported Shugdenism outside of Tibet and the Tibet Government in Exile in India. Only NKT has internationalized Shugden politics.

This web site is a digest of NKT policies and public statements, books and emails of Kelsang Gyatso, public interviews of Kelsang Gyatso, public statements of Kelsang Gyatso's training monastery, NKT's public condemnations of Buddhists and practitioners of other religions, press reports, statements of Buddhist organizations, submissions of NKT supporters, youtube videos, public statements of NKT survivors, passages from revered books in Buddhism (including the writings of Atisha and Tsongkhapa and several other foundational Buddhist Lamas, all of which are banned inside NKT), personal experiences and editorials. Corrections have been requested numerous times since this web site began in July 2008, all of which have been published. All of the pictures of NKT's public appearances are true as well. NKT's vitriol is real; it hurts us all. Indeed, NKT's public policy and persona are disagreeable.