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A notable quote at the festival from Gyatso's heir, Khyenrab. "It is not our Spiritual Guide who is the root of our path, but our faith in our Spiritual Guide which is the root of our path." Fascinating! Succession may be near.

(Khyenrab indeed became Gyatso's heir, but a few months later, spring 2010, he resigned)

Gyatso's devotees had mixed feelings about NKT's protests and concern about being pressured by NKT Resident Teachers to protest (undoubtedly because Lucy James was fired by Gyatso in April from Florida's NKT center for challenging his decision for NKT's political assault against The Dalai Lama and for the resignation of the center's administrative director over the disruptive political nature of Gyatso's campaign).

One Resident Teacher believes that the criticisms of NKT's politics have some validity. Gyatso had a monk read for 2 hours the criticisms of NKT widely available on the internet for 12 years. He listened with closed eyes (in a oracle-like trance?), randomly murmuring, "compassion." Preferring to simply dream about it, NKT has an aversion to practicing compassion.

Gyatso told his Resident Teachers why he organized the protests. He decided (for political purposes) that The Dalai Lama was destroying Tsongkhapa's tradition (a Tibetan Buddhist school that Gyatso abandoned nearly 20 years ago) and that, as the only living representative of Trijang Rinpoche (1901-1981; his militant teacher, Pobankga, promoted based on a dream the minor 'deity' Shugden to a Buddha and deployed Shugden to harm and kill Pobankga's enemies), Gyatso had to personally organize protests anywhere The Dalai Lama appeared. (this matter is reviewed in an essay on this web site entitled, Just Another Fundamentalist)

Self cherishing ruled the NKT's festival - recruiting posters everywhere about the upcoming anti-Buddhist protest in France, including on the temple and chapel walls. Monks and nuns watched videos of their past protests with egotistical glee. Some spoke of their preparation to use violence. The irony - Gyatso was giving a compassion Buddha Avalokiteshvara 'empowerment' against the living emanation of Avalokiteshvara, The Dalai Lama. "Political extremism gone mad," according to an attendee.

NKT's response to this report: 'there were only about a dozen posters at Gyatso's empowerment; NKT requires its protestors to sign a promise to conduct themselves respectfully; NKT endorses 'Happy NKTer's' analysis that some NKT members have bad experiences with NKT just as Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans, Methodists, Jews, Muslims, and others have had bad experiences with their own religious traditions, and it is understandable that after members, monks and nuns leave NKT because of their disgust and distrust, many join the NKT survivors group hoping to derive some therapeutic benefits from the discussions held.'

NKT Raised Again the Prospect of Litigation

According to festival attendee 'Happy NKTer', "Watch out - it looks like he may also begin some legal proceedings against some different entities and individuals over all of this."

According to NKT, regarding journalistic analyses and NKT member/ex-member reports of NKT controversy and its questionable practices widely published over the past 12 years, "When one of the top five anti-defamation law firms in the world recently investigated both the New Kadampa Tradition and all the libel on the Internet against it, it came to the conclusion: "The New Kadampa Tradition is a respectable international organization whose reputation has been severely defamed." (of course, such allegations remain to be proven) Many detractors of the NKT feel justified in their activities, regrettably, because they follow the Dalai Lama, who for political reasons started many of the rumors against the NKT himself e.g. that we are spirit worshippers and cultists and harm people. Due to people’s intense and sometimes blind loyalty to the Dalai Lama, these rumors have inspired hatred of the NKT and so have developed a life of their own. The Dalai Lama has an unquestioned reputation and so many people have naturally believed him over the NKT without investigating further."

On the other hand, NKT admits that, "We also know that mistakes have been made...The NKT is not perfect." This NKT statement raises many questions, including - how can its purported Buddha leader permit or encourage anything other than perfect conduct and why didn't this purported Buddha identify NKT misconduct before anyone else. Or, did Gyatso knowingly cause the abusive mistakes?

After exhaustive research, the editor of this web site has not found actual libel or slander against NKT but has found threats of litigation from NKT and its associates against its biographers, analysts and critical participants. Certainly, there is substantial information available about NKT, largely distilling to NKT vs almost everyone else and enabling everyone to assess NKT's conduct for themselves. Frankly, NKT's newkadampatruth.org web site, protests and marketing materials at these protests speak volumes about NKT and paint a very negative portrait of NKT.

Frivolous NKT litigation would be audacious as well as anti-Buddhist. A positive outcome of such costly abuse would be that Gyatso and several clergy, 'kadams' (e.g., Lucy James) and administrators would be deposed for testimony under oath for truthful answers subject to perjury indictment, such as:

who is funding your political protests?

why did you publish apparently libelous biographies of your critics?

why did you reportedly blackmail Lamas Yeshe and Zopa in 1983?

why did you publish the apparently libelous statement that Lamas Yeshe and Zopa were involved with serious criminal activities such as drug smuggling; who prepared the 100-page report of criminal activities allegedly held by the Charities Commission in England?

what is your or NKT's involvement in the lawsuit against The Dalai Lama in India?

why does your protest organizer and media representative Pema (an NKT nun) claim that she (Helen Gladwell) is affiliated with the Western Shugden Society rather than with you, her spiritual guide and the one who ordained her?

did you really take $2 million dollars in cash to Singapore to purchase the site for KMC Singapore?

other than hypothetical conjecture, what is the basis of your beliefs about your independent religion against Tibetan Buddhism and against your critics and The Dalai Lama; which of your beliefs are factual and do not rely purely on faith?

why do you deny your involvement in your protests while informing your followers that you organized them; do you remember that you put Pema and Thubchen in charge in April; do you remember that in April, you wrote, "I personally will organize demonstrations against The Dalai Lama directly"?

has NKT's record of senior-level sexual misconduct declined and is it a by-product of NKT's tantra advocacy?

as the leading Shugdenite what do you know about the murders of 3 Dalai Lama associates reportedly by the hands of Shugdenites?

are you really the only living Buddha and only the 2nd to become a Buddha during human life?

have your promises and techniques for enlightenment ever worked; if so, wouldn't there be more Buddhas other than you?

are your protests, multi-media campaign and attack web sites appropriate actions of a Buddha?

as a purported Buddha and seer of everything past, present and future, why did you permit or encourage your heirs and other ranking monks and nuns to pursue sexual and other kinds of abuse of NKT members; was it some sort of training or penitent exercise of your theology?

as a purported omniscient Buddha, who will be the next US President, when will Osama bin Laden be captured, how did the universe begin, what will be the cure for cancer, what is the neurobiology of delusion?

as a purported omniscient Buddha, are you only pretending to be senile? and why will you allow your body to die?

as a purported omniscient Buddha, why did you sponsor so few, if any, charities and what ways did you help the poor, the oppressed, the raped, the abused, victims of racism and totalitarianism, starving children, innocent victims of Hiroshima, victims of pedophilia, victims of barbaric female genital 'surgery', the disabled and victims of the cultural genocide in Tibet? or do you think these atrocities are beneficial and not kinds of suffering needing a Buddha's compassion?

as a purported omniscient Buddha, why did you not warn us about major catastrophes so that tens of millions of lives could have been saved by you during your lifetime on earth?

how are all forms of Buddhism other than yours degenerate?

do you agree with Pobankga's promotion of Shugden from a minor 'spirit' to a Buddha to harm and kill Pobankga's enemies?

do you disagree with The Dalai Lama's consulting the state oracle rather than worshiping either the spirit Shugden or Shugden as a purported Buddha?

what proof is there than Shugden is a Buddha?

what is your relationship with Kundeling and the Dorje Shugden Society of New Delhi, who have sued the Indian government and The Dalai Lama; do you agree with their positions that The Dalai Lama's concern about Shugden is a scam to cover up the withdrawal of funding from the US CIA, that the Shugden persona is a legend rather than fact, and that they prefer Chinese rule of Tibet because if The Dalai Lama still ruled Tibet they could be crucified?

do you disagree with the Chief of Police in India, reporting about the murders of 3 Lamas associated with The Dalai Lama, "we have clear indications that the murderers are directly linked to the Shugden association"?

do you disagree with the 100th Ganden Tripa, head of the Gelug school, who said about Shugdenites like yourself that "This demonous act of ignoring the advice of His Holiness on spiritual and temporal ground intended for the benefit of Tibetans and masterminding certain detrimental activities in finding slightest differences to your view clearly signifies ones lack of patriotism."?

do you disagree with the leadership and members of Sera je Monastery who have concluded that you are, "Possessed by a terrible demon, without shame, embarrassment, or modesty, he doesn't have even the slightest care or concern for any of the commitments of the three vows [pratimoksha, bodhicitta, and tantric] which he undertook. He continuously broadcasts blatantly shameless mad pronouncements, attacking with baseless slander His Holiness the Dalai Lama, whose kindness for us, the people of Tibet, has been greater that the Buddhas of the three times. These unimaginable statements which defame the name of His Holiness have created an urgent adverse situation which no Tibetan can tolerate."?

and many other substantive questions for Gyatso and NKT.

Examination of pre-trial discovery of NKT's internal documents, financial records and personnel records could augment the damaging portrait already on the public record. Similarly interesting would be NKT's choices for litigation targets. For example, will NKT sue Sera je Monastery for possibly the most critical analysis of Gyatso available (quoted in part above and more extensively elsewhere in this web site)?

Since NKT is so fond of publishing youtube videos on the Internet, perhaps NKT would publish depositions of their leaders.

(click here for a NKT member's report)

NKT raised its litigation futures once again in this recent post on Buddha Chat, "The NKT is neither rife with controversy nor maligning others, but defending against libel and working to prevent persecution. The poisoned view of the NKT on the net has for years been the result of a full time cohort of individuals who sadly feed off each other's hatred. The newkadampatruth.org website names these few beings who spread the poison...After years of ignoring these defamations, the NKT has at last decided to take action, and legal proceedings are likely. Buddhachat has permitted such libels, an unwise decision as this makes them the 'publisher' of it - also actionable." In disturbing fact, NKT is indeed rife with controversy and maligning others.

On 9/24/08, NKT's leading defender on Buddha Chat wrote, "In order to continue our 'positive' experience on Buddha Chat please may I ask that we all do not engage in personal battles with those who seek to bash the NKT. I've asked myself and I've agreed. I do not wish any member of Buddhachat to end up in court for defamation, possibly in anger at a post of mine. This is a very REAL possibility. I have been asked to forward such posts which establish a pattern of defamation against the NKT. If the defamatory attacks continue I will report them to the NKT for action."

Responding to news that NKT threatened legal action against amazon.com for publishing certain reviews of Gyatso's books, leading to removal of the reviews, an NKT survivor dimensionalized NKT litigation scenarios.

"The only real solution here is a class action lawsuit against NKT, seeking medical/psychiatric damages, housing contract damages and punitive damages. For example, say 500 people had an average of $100,000 in damages (medical costs, pain, suffering, trauma impact on future income, breach of contract) and say punitive damages were half of this total.

500 times $100,000 is $50 million, plus attorney fees of at least $500,000 (likely far more) and punitive damages of $25 million. Perhaps, more have been damaged than only 500, some of whom with even greater damages. At the very least, NKT stands to lose tens of millions of dollars. They would have to post a bond and pay 12-18% interest on any judgment. Corporate owners/directors may incur personal liability, especially if they are named in the class action litigation as they should be in view of 12 years of NKT controversy.

Such litigation would expose NKT to enough notoriety to induce possible serious Charities investigations and possibly criminal investigations, and even federal investigations regarding curtailment of free speech, and yes, religious freedom. members of NKT would also be exposed to liability. A pandora's box it is. Maybe this is why NKT has only threatened litigation for so many years, hoping against hope that threats would silence the truth. If so, the tactic backfired.

Lawsuits FROM NKT against us little people have been threatened for years, including from Gyatso himself in his 2002 letter to the Washington Times. What headlines such lawsuits would make; far greater in number that those they secured for their protests against The Dalai Lama and attacks on the Tibetan people! It would also be very costly for NKT, for it would open them up to the targets of their litigation for substantial inspection of their files and depositions of their leaders, accountants, bankers etc. Their attorneys would incur hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of fees to be paid by NKT. they would likely be countersued by those they sue, particularly by those that NKT apparently has seriously libeled in web sites dedicated against named/photographed/biographied Buddhists. I saw at nktworld.org a short list of questions they might have to answer under oath. The answers won't be pretty. We may find out the intimate details of their WSS collaboration, Gyatso's statement that he is NKT's official representative at WSS, and what they know about the murders of Dalai Lama associates apparently at the hand of Shugdenites. Should NKT not prevail, and it is unlikely they ever could, they may be liable for attorney fees of their opponents. Certainly, NKT would be liable for its own attorneys' fees.

Whoever fires the first shot, NKT would likely cease, whatever credibility it might have obliterated, and its abuse and character bashing would end.


Redeemable members would be embraced by all of us. More ethical and respectful man angers of Manjushri Institute will be found.

Given 12 years of NKT controversy on TV, in the press, in books, in analyses, in journalistic documentaries etc virtually eliminates any basis for NKT to now sue anyone for saying what has been in the public domain for so long and recognized by so many components of society.

In contrast, NKT's exploding vitriol attack is open to substantial exposure of litigation.

Perhaps NKT should bring it on. Or, even better, try Buddhism."

It appears that NKT has a wide range of litigation targets to harass, keeping NKT busy for decades and swaying NKT even further from Buddhism.

Who will NKT sue first? Will it be?.....

Gyatso for distributing an emai saying he will personally organize protests against The Dalai Lama

Samden for what Gyaso concluded in his letter to Samden - "You have destroyed the NKTs reputation and the power of all NKT Resident Teachers...You had sex with so many students and through your deceptive actions one nun tried to commit suicide because of your sexual behaviour towards her."

The Australian Sangha Association for informing the public that "the opinion of the ASA is that for NKT members to represent themselves to the public as authentic Buddhist monks and nuns is wrong and misleading."

The Dalai Lama for recommending that his people not worship NKT's principle deity

Sera Jey Monastery for saying that Gyatso is possessed by a demon

the 100th Ganden Tripa for wondering why Shugden needs so much protection from humans, esteemed Buddhist Lamas for not worshiping Shugden

'Tricycle: The Buddhist Review' for its 1998 articles associating Shugden, NKT and murders of Dalai Lama associates

the whole of Tibetan Buddhism which Gyatso sees as degenerate

NKT's ex clergy and lay members for reporting their debilitating experiences in NKT

the individuals against which they created a web site, www.newkadampatruth.org

amazon.com for presenting critical comments about Gyatso's books

Google for presenting user groups with critical comments about NKT

Yahoo for presenting user groups with critical comments about NKT

the media for reporting NKT news

book authors and publishers for selling critical documented examinations of NKT's 12 years of controversy

blog discussion forums for examining NKT's admitted faults

contributors to this and other journalistic/op-ed web sites

NKT's ultra-ego, WSS, for getting them into the mess they are in

NKT's principle defender on Buddha Chat, who has posted, "Whilst all our views are deluded, the actions which happened are real, however we seek to interpret them. Here are some facts which carry no 'view': KG is not a Geshe, as (he admits) he never sat his final exams. The monks and nuns have no valid Buddhist ordination, just a 'sawn off' version KG invented. All true Buddhists are ordained according to very specific Vinaya. The empowerments are only valid through KG, who received them within the Gelug school - arguably his empowerments may now also be invalid as he has been expelled from his lineage. The worship of Dorje Shugden is a relationship with a spirit dedicated to the destruction of other Tibetan schools and, specifically, any Gelug monk/nun who seeks teachings from other schools. So the Dalai Lama is being attacked every time you perform the relevant Sadhana etc. KG chose a successor, who left due to a sex scandal. He chose another, who was also exposed shagging nuns in his care. Other Centre Resident Teachers have been sacked for the same and other centres closed. Whilst Cheryll points out rightly that other groups may have scandals, this does not excuse the NKT. Once sucked in by the 'bliss and biscuits' a disciple will be asked to commit more and more time and money to create more temples and hotels - the NKT does nothing for anyone else. Whatever 'view' we have on these facts does not deny that they exist. The NKT has a huge international network of centres, so it is no surprise that its victims are also heard more frequently than those from other organisations"

or Shakyamuni's and Tsongkhapa's estates because Shakyamuni and Tsongkhapa did not worship Shugden or condone NKT fundamentalism

In October 2008, NKT initiated legal action against one of its residents for allegedly not paying rent.

Maybe NKT could develop another cynical secular web site and run a litigation lottery to help them choose. NKT's fund-raising skills honed by sponsoring protests and deploying Pema's media tour may come in handy for the much greater fund-raising needs for NKT to pursue its litigation lust.

News and analysis of NKT's legal proceedings will be covered here as it occurs.

Clearly, NKT needs protection from itself and its secular ambitions. Instead of having festivals requiring attendees to wear Shugden badges and watch wide screen Shugden tributes on TV, (duped) members of NKT will better live their precious lives practicing Buddhism.


A few quotes above appeared on the public web site blog, Budda Chat. A leading defender of NKT and author of a couple of the quotes above wrote NKTWORLD the following late October 2008:

"The article in question quotes from the post histories of Buddhachat. This has been done without permission of Buddhachat or the member concerned.  The extracts are entirely out of context and misleading.

The views expressed are depicted as contradictory but actually represent a view which was rejected many months later.  This is exactly like those of the members of the 'Survivors' website, who may have written in praise of the NKT for many years before rejecting it.  Would it be right to post their opinions from long ago as if they were still in support of the NKT?  In this case, the member was persuaded by attacks on the NKT, but then subsequently decided to continue attending classes.  The same respect should apply.

The site has a potential to address issues fairly.  For it to be used to settle old Buddhachat scores through the use of misleading articles simply brings it into disrepute.

The member concerned is not a 'member' of the NKT and does not represent them in any way.  Smearing an individual is surely not what your site is about.

Please would you delete the material relating to Buddhachat in this article."

Interestingly, the author of this message, routinely quotes others and typically denigrates authors of public blog posts questioning NKT's campaign against its critics and The Dalai Lama with offensive names and characterizations.

NKTWORLD in no way is designed to settle scores. NKTWORLD disagrees that the quotes are out of context and misleading. Readers may review posts on Buddha Chat for themselves (web link for Buddha Chat is available on Read More page of this web site). There is no apparent reason to delete the publically-posted material on the Internet quoted above. As noted by the author of the message, this web site is not about smearing anyone but instead is determined to address issues fairly.