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That NKT claims to be a spiritual endeavor is preposterous. That many have fallen prey to NKT's smooth talk is saddening. That many have been wronged by NKT is easy to understand.

NKT protests, makes fun of its ex members, ridicules widely respected Buddhist teachers, calls its critics liars, and when all else fails, NKT threatens to file lawsuits.

NKT only pretends spirituality to solicit financial donations and to blur its involvement in politics.

NKT supporters pretend to be Buddhists, some even dress up like Tibetan monks and nuns. But their actions and words contradict Buddhism, particularly the teachings of of the highly revered Tibetan Lama, Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), teachings that NKT distorts while attempting to appropriate in order to falsely market NKT's notions of lineage and credibility.

Imagine anyone that NKT claims to admire considering such mundane actions....Shakyamuni, Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, Tsongkhapa, Atisha, Naropa, Milarepa and many more. Relevant here is the modern question, 'what would Jesus do?"

None of these spiritual teachers would act like NKT. Likely, they would try to dissuade NKT from its spiteful ways.


So, why does NKT act so poorly and contrary to its claimed 'lineage', reinventing the teachings of its claimed gurus against Buddhists in order to suit its corporate strategies?

Because NKT is not a true spiritual endeavor. Actually, it is a business (book publishing, CDs, festivals, psychiatric/social/relationship/health chaplaincy counseling, real estate rentals) that has successfully developed significant material wealth with the help of government subsidies.

And, NKT idolizes a fictional god and 'spirit' legend of NKT's creation, Shugden for westerners ('who' ironically has never threatened to sue anyone). NKTites have great pride in their wrathful god and mimic the god's anger and proclivity to threaten disbelievers.

NKTites claim that many gifts have come from their worship of Shugden. Shugden pervades their individual and collective consciousness and cradles their minds. They feel helpless without their controversial idol and fear anyone questioning NKT's obsession with it, thus protest, ridicule, call others liars and threaten lawsuits. Shugden defense and metastasis have become their mission.

Without Shugden, NKT supporters feel they have nothing. So, in desperation from its liturgy of crisis, they feel compelled to protect their 'holy' grail with fists, anger, megaphones, protests, accusatory web sites, Internet blog posts, media tours and vile threats. (a sample from the author of many NKT support web sites; there are thousands of similar posts by NKT supporters)

(NKT supporters strongly supported the lawsuit filed by Shugdenites against the Dalai Lama in India, home of the Tibetan Government in Exile, and widely reported that the Dalai Lama lost the law suit and was admonished by the court. In fact, however, the Supreme Court of India dismissed the frivolous lawsuit.)

NKT's source for its western Shugden embellishment, Tibetan folklore. From Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz's book, 'Oracles and Demons of Tibet: The Cult and Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities',

"From his shoulders hangs a garland of fifty, freshly severed, blood dripping heads. A human skin serves as his carpet…The southern gate is held closed in accordance with an old tradition that the chokyong Dorje Shugden is waiting at this entrance for the day to come on which he will be allowed to enter the monastery, to succeed Pehar as the chief dharmapala of Tibet…The heavenly abode in which (Shugden) is believed to dwell...is filled with various destroyed beings....There are countless springs overflowing with red and white poison...Human corpses - mummified, fresh, and in decomposition - are lying scattered around. Waves of blood and fat billow tremendously...Inside the palace, corpses of men and carcasses of horses are spread out, and the blood of men and horses streams together forming a lake. Human skins and hides of tigers are stretched into curtains...A great number of various objects and substances is offered to (Shugden) at the time of his worship: heart-blood in which yellow-red bubbles rise one after the other, quivering flowers made out of the organas of the five senses...The strong smelling liquid consisting of brain, blood, and bile, the heep of food composed of the organs of the five senses, hearts, meat, and bone..."

NKT has evolved this Shugden lore into a political wedge.

The 100th Ganden Tripa, head of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, said in 1996 when NKT took its battle to a new level - organized political protests,

"If it (Shugden) were a real protector, it should protect the people. There may not be any protector such as this, which needs to be protected by the people...The act of pronouncing one's strong faith in worldly gods is no different from publicizing your faults and downfall in your adherence to "the advice or refuge-seeking."...This demonous act of ignoring the advice of His Holiness on spiritual and temporal ground intended for the benefit of Tibetans and masterminding certain detrimental activities in finding slightest differences to your view clearly signifies ones lack of patriotism. Does the sour reality of governmental official needing police and security to escort them on their visit to the monasteries, centers of peace and religion, not become a cause for shame and embarrassment to the Tibetans in general and the monastic centers in particulars? Thus, it is timely to stop this strife by being aware of the grave outcome and essenceless nature of this root of disagreement."

In 2003, the 101st Ganden Tripa said, "I did not do the practice of this protector."

(Because of such statements, NKT considers the Gelug school from which its Kelsang Gyatso and his immediate teachers came as degenerate. To NKT, only NKT can save the Gelug tradition, not the tradition itself. Obvious to any impartial observer, NKT is embroiled in deeply convoluted delusion, eg NKT is not a form of Tibetan Buddhism but is determined to salvage its largest school from decades of NKT-alleged corruption and degeneration.)

Based on NKT's record and abundant commentary from NKT dependants, NKT has no respect for anyone not believing in NKT's brand of Shugden, corporate business plan and politics.

The entire history of Shugden, includings NKT's brand, is political. NKT's founder declared so for NKT...

"... we realized that in reality this is a Tibetan political problem and not the problem of Buddhism in general or the NKT… At the beginning I completely ignored this and I thought I would never involve myself in this Tibetan political problem …. On the other hand, I thought that if I became involved in these politics I would be criticized by many people and that even my life may be at risk, but finally I said to myself that I must stop self-cherishing and work for the welfare of these people. First, we organized to publish all the information we had received from India through many different newspapers in the United Kingdom, but no-one would print it … After the third demonstration, I strongly requested the members of the Shugden Supporters Community to stop all political activity immediately … I requested the people in Dharma Centers to forget all these politics and concentrate solely on their Dharma practice. In this way our activity lasted from May until July, only three months. This was my first experience of politics in this life. I pray that this will never happen again in the future."

Soon after Kelsang Gyatso assigned NKT's Kelsang Pema to organize worldwide political protests, she wrote the British Parliament,

"We are seeking help from each permanent member of the United Nations Council: the UK Prime Minister, US president, French President, Russian President and Chinese President."

(NKT politicians seeking collaboration against non-political Buddhism from other politicians; other than China, no other political group has joined NKT)

It turned out that Kelsang Gyatso's promises to refrain from Shugden politics was false.

NKT's Shugden politics could not have been endorsed by Shakyamuni, Tsongkhapa and many other highly respected teachers for thousands of years because Shugden politics began hundreds-thousands years after their deaths. Certainly they never spoke about Shugden and never assigned Shugden any credibility.

These pictures of Shugden, intensely inspiring to NKT cult supporters, have been recently posted by them....


Give you any sense of legitimate spirituality?

See why NKT specializes in despising disbelievers?

If so many were not harmed, NKT would be laughable. Should NKT ever get into a court room, making good on a lawsuit threat, NKT's case will look like a circus of superstition.

Perhaps no other cult fights for such a demonous symbol as Shugden and is as successful in garnering government subsidies. Certainly Shakyamuni and Tsongkhapa would not fight the way and for what NKT does. Neither would they support what NKT is doing to tarnish the wonders of Buddhism or threaten to file lawsuits...because they were not marketers and politicians but long admired spiritual teachers concentrating on compassion and wisdom.