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Strong But Wrong

NKT defends itself from others noticing its wrongdoing by alleging weakness of its victims, dismissing those reporting easy-to-find Kelsang Gyatso controversy and ridiculing academics offering objective assessments of his extremist sect.

NKT asserts corporate strength, claiming to have hundreds of thousands of customers for its international business and to have sole ownership of the truth.

Kelsang Gyatso's audacity developed NKT into a greedy corporation designed to take advantage of others for profit to extend its presumed strength further.

Rather than use its muscle to help us, NKT uses it to confuse us, slam its victims, threaten litigation, harass and denegrate all things Tibet.

Thusly, NKT became an isolated cult as Kelsang Gyatso intended, collaborating with no other Buddhist organization, teachers or heritage.

This is not strength, but weakness on steroids.