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"Please realize that the tulku tradition is too dangerous in these our degenerate times. It will be the end of those who dance with it."

So says a Shugdenite about Shugden's announced reincarnation.

(the announcement specified reincarnation, not emanation)

Other Shugenites noted,

"The actual "reincarnation" line of Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen ended at his death/buddhahood. SO whoever this is, if it is anyone at all, is a recognized emanation, at best. But if you have a guru, you already have that! Dorje Shugden's emanations pervade the world!! Why run after an "inherent" one?!?! What is it you need for this supposed emanation? TTGIE will COMPLETELY IGNORE THE RAVINGS OF ANYONE WHO CLAIMS HE IS WHO YOU SAYS HE IS, it will not even cause them to hiccup. Probably they will just laugh at what a bunch of superstitious sheep we are."

"I would not publicly accept or reject that someone is a Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen/Dorje Shugden reincarnation, because I can't know. Even if they have the good word of a DS oracle or an earlier lama that it's true, I wouldn't accept it on that basis even. The reason is because even if the DS oracle or lama said it, that doesn't mean it was meant to be institutionalized or made the official view posed onto the general Gelug community. That is unless of course there is official documentation that they explicitly approve of officially institutionalizing it publicly. We should accept there could be Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen/Dorje Shugden emanations, otherwise that would go against the speech of the lamas we accept like Trijang Rinpoche. However, there has not been an official Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen/Dorje Shugden reincarnation institution for over 300 years, so an attempt to pin down and make an official reincarnation of such is a deviation from precedence that requires authorization from a lama of a very high stature such as Trijang Rinpoche."

"The hatred against Tulku system is un-Dharmic, view of an unbeliever."

"Tibetan Buddhism is so corrupted these days that no one can be believed! Better to throw away the Tulku reincarnation system because it stinks! It's outdated, corrupted and has no place in the progressive modern society! To many people want to put there grubby fingers in the pie! I mean Steven Seagal was made a Tulku! How completely adsurd is that!"

"Gosh - this news about a recognised incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen has certainly created a stir, but not where i thought it would be. I had thought that the anti-shugden camp would have been stirred up but instead it's the Shugden practitioners."

"By da way ... the announcement on Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen before we could even blink has been completely COPIED on to a NKTWORLD.ORG website PLUS they made the announcement so JUICY adding ... "Apparently, the newly reincarnate Shugden has been watching NKT's battle with Tibetan Buddhism since the 1990s without his human involvement" Oh Deary me..."

Kelsang Gyatso may want to reconsider his ban of reincarnation inside NKT. NKT may to need to be reincarnated to survive.