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So sophomoric they are.

Watching first hand or on video and reading their Internet posts NKT 'monks' and 'nuns' talking about Buddhism, tantra and emptiness is like watching high-school sophomores, dressed in constumes, insist they know all there is to know...and then ridicule you and raise their fists against you if you dare to disagree. Some might even assault you and troll you on the Internet with lies about your mental health, sexuality and family in order to ruin your reputation and employment (just like NKT pretend clergy do).

At least high-school sophomores have many teachers and resource books, and don't spend millions of dollars attacking people. And they don't profess and market exclusive divinity, advertise their own caustic (fake) Buddha or charge so much for their bogus divine words and retreats.

NKT clergy's memorized structured Cliff-note knowledge is limited to mostly lousy books written by a single author who Buddhist organizations around the world say has little credibility. Most Keslang Gyatso's books are like hodge podges of cut and paste repetitive fragments assembled by grade schoolers. And, studying real books about Buddhism, thousands in number, and learning from among thousands of real teachers of Buddhism are banned by Gyatso. It's his choppy controversial way....or else threats, degradation and retribution.

Exemplifying Buddha's teaching of 'Dependent Origination', they are controlled and chained by greed, power, worldly pleasures, wealth, real estate development, attachments, self absorption, craving, fixations, blaming others, addiction to permanence, and ignorance. They reap what they sow.

Will they ever grow up?

Until they do, they will be trapped by controversy, unwholesome actions and suffering while, sadly, holding the rest of us accountable for the pain they cause.

And not until they depart the Gyatsoism cult.