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At least a few times a day I drive by the NKT center that I attended and donated to for many years.

A few days ago, the dwindling center finally placed a permanent sign in the ground, leading me to wonder how expensive that sign was for attendees, who donated mightily being promised a unique temple for several years but which has yet to materialize.

This fleeting thought was superceded by contemplation over the sign's most prominent statement, "Everyone Welcome."

A lie. An engraved lie for all to be misguided by.

In fact, everyone is NOT welcome. Among many banned by NKT around the world, I am among those who the center banned from NKT.

I drive by many other spiritual centers everyday and am reminded often about NKT's weird policy of banning its benefactors when their utility is perceived to be over. I have discussed my ban experience with many, none of whom can report anything like it in their congregations or memberships.

Of course, study of NKT's history, scandals, politics, distortions of Buddhism and treatment of its renters, clergy and survivors shows that NKT's lie that everyone is welcome is emblematic.

NKT is mostly about lies. This and many other documentary web sites discuss them. Few beyond NKT's global cult of a few thousand misdirected hardliners would disagree.

NKT's lies and those it defends and boasts of its main deity, Shugden, have already harmed many and they will continue to do so, regardless of the superficial piety of NKT's deluded faithful.

A recent observation is telling...

"...as far as I could see, no one actually seemed to become a 'better person' than they were when they arrived. Many members of NKT management and ordained sangha, despite all kinds of vows, dedications, blessings from the guru, and long lists of empowerments, committed all manner (of) cruel and selfish acts to other members. Usually, the more devoted and 'high up' in the organisation (the more) they became (corrupted and vengeful)."

How poignant this photograph from the Internet of the center's resident teacher is...

Appropriate display? (note statue of Buddha, center back)