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Case Solved

Why is NKT so isolated, so controversial, so sectarian, so political, so despised? Why did Kelsang Gyatso invent a 'new tradition' instead of following traditional or Kadampa Buddhism?

NKT bans books about Buddhism and outside teachers because they do not support Kelsang Gyatso's Shugden invention. Sure, Tibetan Shugden was invented a few hundred years ago. But, Kelsang Gyatso added steroids, the distorted creature serving the basis of his 'new tradition' that protests around the world and extensively on the Internet. Tibetan Shugdenism never produced lawsuit threats, public spectacles or a social media extravaganza.

Kelsang Gyatso and NKT allow no books by authentic Kadampa Buddhists, particularly Atisha and Tsongkhapa, the founders of Kadampa and New Kadampa Budhism hundreds of years ago in Tibet, or anyone in their lineages. No mainstream teachers and Lamas of any school of Buddhism. No books transcribing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. Hundreds of books and thousands of teachers banned because they do not support Kelsang Gyatso's invented Shugden. Writings and teachers discussing Tibetan Shugden are also banned.

Only Kelsang Gyatso supports Shugden protest rallies. Only Kelsang Gyatso has written books about a distorted Shugden. Thus, only his books and teachings are allowed inside NKT.

No wonder they do not see the beauty of Buddhism. Instead, they present to the world ugliness, believing that it will accomplish their politics and the sectarian purity they seek. A quest that will ultimately be self defeating.