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Sold Out

Kelsang Gyatso sold out Buddhism to big business, creating his brand of 'Buddhism' with his freak self-invented 'tradition' based on glossy marketing, tantra adventures, broken promises and real estate wealth development. Instead of genuinely helping to transform our lives for the better, the record shows far too many have been harmed and far more have wasted their time spending a lot of money.

Case in point. A six-week tantra ride in the Swiss Alps for ego building.

For six weeks, January 4 through February 16, 2020 ($4,000 tickets all sold out), NKT will retreat in lush scenery. Tantra in the Swiss Alps for six weeks. Delicious. Sure to make you feel superior.

Blissful Union
The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

Six-week Silent Retreat

Immerse yourself in this supreme opportunity to enjoy the sublime practices of Tantric Mahamudra of the Ganden Oral Lineage. Based on the unsurpassed teachings from the book ‘The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, engage in each of the four great preliminary guides (approx 3 weeks) and then absorb into the five stages of the actual practice of Mahamudra (approx 3 weeks) which are the actual methods to attain full enlightenment in this lifetime. This beautiful practice will take place within the qualified retreat conditions of the exquisite environment of Kailash IRC – a quiet and joyful place located in the beautiful Swiss mountains.

(interestingly, there is a Snow Mountain Retreat Centre in China specializing in mountain yoga stretching, cleansing, kundalini, raw food and bird watching. Kundalini: (in yoga) latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.)

PLEASE see WARNING at bottom of this page

Gyatso's 2015 book 'The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra' is, according to Gyatso, based on the first written expositions of the Ganden Oral Transmission by Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and tulku (the 'First' Panchen Lama) (1570–1662). Originally, Manjushri revealed this teaching to Tsongkhapa 200+ years earlier as the 'Ganden Emanation Scripture' but it was not published until 'The Main Path of the Conquerors' (usually called 'Highway of the Conquerors' and its auto-commentary 'Bright Lamp') and its auto-commentary by Losang Chokyi Gyatsen.

Notably, Gyatso's book is disproportionately about Tantra (as is his own bibliography) and makes other significant departures from the root texts. After all, in the West tantra is tantalizing and divergent from proper training and practice. (it's easy to find tantra sex books for sale)

There is NOT A SINGLE QUOTE from the root texts written by Losang Chokyi Gyalten, the texts Gyatso says his book is based on. Not even a bibliographic reference.

And contrasting with Gyatso's first tantra book, 'Clear Light of Bliss' published in 1982 as well as his other 20+ books, Gyatso's 2015 book claims there are two traditions of tantra. One of Milarepa and others where the vajra body is penetrated at the navel chakra. The other, the Ganden transmission mentioned above, where the vajra body is penetrated at the heart chakra AND only in the latter case a sexual consort is not required for quick Buddhahood. None of 100+ other books about Mahamuda agree, suggesting Gyatso is simply making it up to sell his book.

Gyatso's 1982 book described 10 chakra doors into the vajra body, none of which are linked to dispensing with an 'action mudra'. Notably, Tsongkhapa received the Ganden Oral Scripture from Manjushri, never wrote about the distinction invoked by Gyatso and neither did Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen's root texts claimed to serve the basis of Gyatso's 2015 book, 'The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra'. And, Tsongkhapa did not attain Buddhahood until after his death; Tsongkhapa's monastic vows prevented him from performing 'action mudra'. (From Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen's Ganden Oral Transmission's root text auto-commentary, "According to the path of secret mantra, reliance on the messenger is the action seal; A common metaphor for the consort with whom one associates in advanced tantric practice." Furthermore, advanced tantric practice has a critical per-requisite, understanding of 'emptiness', which took Tsongkhapa 30+ years of intensive effort to accomplish.)

Those interested should consult more reliable treatises about channels, winds and drops. Examining directly the root texts of Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen is also preferable to Gyatso's corrupted version. (see pages 469-538 in 'Mind Seeing Mind' by Roger Jackson; notably this book also includes 5 pages regarding "the highly controversial' Kelsang Gyatso, noting that "The reasons for his split from mainstream Gluk probably include both personality conflicts and philosophical differences..." Notably, Kelsang Gyatso and Roger Jackson both were taught by Geshe Thubten Sopa.)

And contrasting with the root texts of Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen Kelsang Gyatso devotes 52 pages about Phabonkhapa, probably because he became an extremist Geluk in Tibet seeking to destroy non-Geluk Tibetan Buddhist traditions in Tibet.

And contrasting with the root texts Gyatso inserts his demon god Shugden into his 2015 book (but not 1982 book), claiming that Shugden informed him to remove the current Ganden Oral Transmission lineage holder, the Dalai Lama, and replace him with Gyatso Shugden dictated the verse commemorating Gyatso in the lineage to Gyatso's "faithful desciples" according to page 241 of the 2015 book. Notably, Gyatso broke his lineage, assuming he ever legitimately had it, when he abandoned his lineage (ie Tibetan Buddhism), called it corrupt and was expelled by his monastery for his extreme misdeeds.

Mahamudra is an expansive teaching and practice about which participants in NKT's Swiss Alps adventure will waste their time in their pursuit of Mahamudra but will surely enjoy their time high in the mountains thinking about tantra. The literature is vast. Be cautious about simplistic and corrupted presentation.

On the other hand, Gyatso's books will give you a quick idea. Be cautious about accepting them as ultimate, accurate or comparable to legitimate root texts and commentaries.


WARNING. For 1,000+ years, there have been countless admonitions against Mahamudra training without a qualified guru strictly adhering to Buddha's teaching and/or not meeting profound personal per-requisites. It can be dangerous, eg, ego development and demotion to hell realms in future lives. Cursory reading and chats OK, but unqualified practice is not. Tantra in Buddhism and tantra in popular culture are fundamentally different (eg, 'blissful union' has different meanings), though they have sometimes merged in NKT, producing devastating scandal.