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Shugdenites Turn to Al Jazeera for Solace

The "official blog of of the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden" (purported Wisdom Buddha) is thrilled by the support of Al Jazeera, the mid-east media outlet known for its broadcast of beheadings of western journalists reporting about terrorism against civilians. (for the blog page, click here) (interestingly, the published comment from Jimmy points to a blog quoting 'Tibet's only officially recognised femal living Buddha'; however, NKT claims that Gyatso is the only living Buddha and only the third Buddha ever on earth)

On January 14, 2009, the Shugdenite blog noted,

Al Jazeera Top Story -- Revisits Court Case against the Dalai Lama

Al Jazeera’s People and Power has named ‘The Dalai Lama: The Devil Within’ one of their top two stories of 2008. As a result, Al Jazeera is now featuring it again. (click here for the Al Jazeera television report)

The reporter has added at the end of the updated report:

"The case against the Dalai Lama is still with the courts. We hope to bring you an update later in the year."

As the lawyer for the persecuted Shugden practitioners, Shree Sanjay Jain, explains:

"It is certainly a case of religious discrimination in the sense that if within your sect of religion you say that this particular Deity ought not to be worshipped, and those persons who are willing to worship him you are trying to excommunicate them from the main stream of Buddhism, then it is a discrimination of worst kind."

Al Jazeera adds:

"No matter what the outcome of the court case, in a country where millions of idols are worshipped, attempting to ban the Deity is an uphill battle. One in which many Buddhist monks have lost their faith in the spirit of the Dalai Lama."

The Shugdenite lawyer claims that a religious sect cannot define its own deities and that to disallow its members from refusing to practice the principles of that sect as an excommunication from the main stream of Buddhism. The first claim is a violation of religious freedom and the second claim is as much an exaggeration as it is false (the vast majority of Buddhists DO NOT worship Shugden). Mainstream Buddhism does not endorse Shugden worship.

Al Jazeera claims that millions of idols are worshipped in India/Tibet (e.g., Shugden, proclaimed an idol by Al Jazeera). Millions of idols in Tibetan Buddhism?

Is this solace a convergence of fundamentalist ideology?