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Based on previous experiences with reading about Buddhism and attending events and retreats at Buddhist centers, I assumed kindness and welfare.

Outside major cities Buddhist assemblies are uncommon. Down the street, to my surprise, was what was advertised as a Buddhist center. I called. They invited.

I became a regular, attending classes to learn mostly about Tibetan Buddhism and the Kadampa teachings of Atisha and Tsongkhapa. I was awed by the Tibetan pujas I attended.

After about a year, I began to see deceit in the teachers, culminating in disgust after listening to Kelsang Dekyong distance NKT from Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings of Atisha and Tsongkhapa. Kelsang Dekyong claimed that NKT was faith unto itself and certainly not associated with Tibetan Buddhism regardless of the training and early life of Kelsang Gyatso, NKT's founder. I saw thorough self pride, ambition and vindictiveness in Kelsang Dekyong, who despised Lucy James and others not joining in NKT's battle against the Dalai Lama and from whom I learned about the real mission of NKT - to undermine spirituality with cultism and its soothing promises. I learned for the first time that NKT meant Shugden...not the Tibetan Shugden but an NKT westernized spin off that NKT claimed was a Buddha just like Kelsang Gyatso, both possessed infinite knowledge and spiritual power for use against enemies. With research, I learned that NKT headquarters pursued protests and threats and was filled with politics, within itself and against Tibet and the Dalai Lama. Inevitably, I learned of NKT's sexual scandals of Kelsang Gyatso's heirs.

I was shocked by NKT's cultism and distortions of Buddha nature.

I realized that I had been a sucker. I had assumed too much. I had found the opposite of Buddhism. I found that NKT did nothing that did not extend its business and brand. NKT supported no charities other than its charities, hotels, spas, appartments and restaurants. I had made a large mistake believing in NKT.

Unlike many others, I was not abused or terrorized by NKT. Unlike many others, I have no residual torments from NKT. Too many, however, live in guilt from and fear of NKT.

I deeply regret the ill effects that many have received from NKT. I pray they recover. I pray others do not make the mistakes that thousands have made regarding participating with NKT.

What NKT professes has little in common with Buddhist teachings and explorations. NKT's Buddhist art serves merely a pleasing cover for NKT's dark inner self. NKT's clergy wardrobe is merely a Tibetan costume. NKT is a pretense. Actually, NKT is a business with large and growing real estate holdings around the world, for which it seeks protection. NKT's Shugden war is merely a smokescreen on behalf of its wealth-producing globalization business plan.

When I drive by the center I attended, it looks like a ghost town - in the Shugden sense and in the physically deserted sense compared to when I was active.


Editors Note:
NKT's thematic threats of litigation against those analyzing NKT or those suffering from NKT seem insane. NKT claims that its threatened targets are ruining its religion. (the most recent public example was the threat from NKT's lawyers against the author of a pending book adverstised on amazon.com about NKT who elected to protect his family from NKT's wrath and withdraw the book's publication)

Would any legitimate religion threaten to sue anyone?

Seen for the business for which NKT is, NKT's threats are better understood as business tactics to ensure future profits and brand development (not compassion). A shameful portrait wrongly proffered by NKT in the name of Buddha Shakyamuni.