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First it was apartments. Then it was tantra festivals for families and their children. Then came hotels, spas, restaurants and business meeting venues. Of course, there are books and CDs too.

Now, says NKT that this opportunity arose from the mind of Kelsang Gyatso, NKT is formally targeting children with its profitable taxpayer-subsidized corporation, attracting parents with cookies, milk, pretty pictures, nice songs and deity statue toys. NKT promises "Beautiful grounds – 38 acres including woods, stream, pond, orchard (with vegetable patches) and much more ensuring maximum outdoor learning."

NKT is creating schools for children to learn how to become happy the NKT way, the way that worsened the lives of thousands of adults, some sexually abused, others trained about weird uses for masturbation, many left destroyed by the insidious cult. And like many adults turned against by NKT, children misbehaving in NKT's eyes too may be banned from NKT happiness and purported Kadam training, eliciting feelings of abandonment, guilt and loss in children as NKT has produced in adults. A debilitating prospect.

Quoting Kelsang Gyatso, "I would like to encourage every child to enter this treasury so that they will find a meaningful and happy life'." Says NKT, "A nursery and primary school for 3-12 yrs old...Day school with boarding option...With meditation and Dharma themes throughout each day." But, at what ultimate cost to them?

NKT has only one requirement for its new consumers..."no child needs to be a Buddhist to attend, just have the wish to be happy." NKT happy that is. And, of course, NKT's fees, subsidies and indoctrination skills.

NKT claims its schools provide "emotional, social and spiritual development through meditation." NKT's teachers "will nurture & cherish every child in their class ensuring barriers to learning are removed, showing how happiness is achieved and maintained."

NKT claims that "Proceeds from all fees will go to the International Temples Project dedicated to International public benefit." One NKT business to fund another, a nursury and school business to fund real estate holdings - enabled through selling 'NKT karma' to children for "International public benefit." Preposterous.

NKT claims itself the "BEST SCHOOL in the WORLD...Every parent's dream school."

Then to inculcate children with Shugdenism.

So that they can march against others too.


Imagine NKT's future protest rallies...with children this time.

Sick cult. Pedophilic. Now, targeting new consumers much younger than NKT's young monks and nuns already selling NKT products around the world.

Parents, please be very careful. Protect your children from NKT. Please do not experiment with your children.


Editors Note:
We too are concerned with this development. Adults visit and enter NKT more or less voluntarily. Children do not. Children are even more susceptible to NKT's problematic tantra rituals, sexual and other abuses, fight with Tibetan Buddhism, fight against NKT's survivors, threats of litigation against the media and its ex-members, protest rallies, Internet attacks and business practices. It would be horrible for children to suffer the same ill fate that so many adults have in the name of Kelsang Gyatso. NKT's clergy are not proper role models of spirituality or Buddhist monks and nuns. We remain shocked at the continued leadership status of the two NKT teachers referenced in your web link about masturbation. Their 'teachings' are inappropriate for children. Parents, beware.

A particular worry....NKT's offering of a "Day school with boarding option."