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Shugdenism is determined to undermine the Dalai Lama. The spiteful movement supports the communist Chinese government overthrow of Tibet during the 1950s. Shugdenites (aka NKTites) applaud the tyranny and even blame it on the Dalai Lama, claiming that Shugden worship, which is being forced by the communist Chinese government, will lead to nirvana.

Today, March 10, 2009, the Dalai Lama spoke about what is happening in Tibet (full text here), saying:

"Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the Tibetan people’s peaceful uprising against Communist China’s repression in Tibet.

Having occupied Tibet, the Chinese Communist government carried out a series of repressive and violent campaigns that have included “democratic” reform, class struggle, communes, the Cultural Revolution, the imposition of martial law, and more recently the patriotic re-education and the strike hard campaigns. These thrust Tibetans into such depths of suffering and hardship that they literally experienced hell on earth. The immediate result of these campaigns was the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans. The lineage of the Buddha Dharma was severed. Thousands of religious and cultural centres such as monasteries, nunneries and temples were razed to the ground. Historical buildings and monuments were demolished. Natural resources have been indiscriminately exploited. Today, Tibet’s fragile environment has been polluted, massive deforestation has been carried out and wildlife, such as wild yaks and Tibetan antelopes, are being driven to extinction.

These 50 years have brought untold suffering and destruction to the land and people of Tibet. Even today, Tibetans in Tibet live in constant fear and the Chinese authorities remain constantly suspicious of them. Today, the religion, culture, language and identity, which successive generations of Tibetans have considered more precious than their lives, are nearing extinction; in short, the Tibetan people are regarded like criminals deserving to be put to death.

As for the Tibetan refugees, although we initially faced many problems such as great differences of climate and language and difficulties earning our livelihood, we have been successful in re-establishing ourselves in exile. Due to the great generosity of our host countries, especially India, Tibetans have been able to live in freedom without fear. We have been able to earn a livelihood and uphold our religion and culture. We have been able to provide our children with both traditional and modern education, as well as engaging in efforts to resolve the Tibet issue. There have been other positive results too. Greater understanding of Tibetan Buddhism with its emphasis on compassion has made a positive contribution in many parts of the world.

May all sentient beings live in peace and happiness!"

According to The New York Times today (full article here),

"Across Tibet, monks at large monasteries have been ordered to stay indoors. In the town of Tongren in Qinghai Province, monks at the sprawling Rongwo Monastery, where protests erupted last year, have been told they cannot leave the compound from March 6 to March 16, according to two monks reached by telephone. No classes or prayer gatherings were held on Tuesday. One monk said he and his peers were reading Buddhist scriptures in their bedrooms.

“This morning, I cried,” he said.

The Chinese government has defended its policies in Tibet by saying that it abolished a feudal slave-holding system overseen by the Dalai Lama and poured vast sums of money into building roads, railways and other infrastructure.

The Dalai Lama lashed out at those projects on Tuesday, saying they were done to move Han Chinese migrants into Tibet “at the huge cost of devastating the Tibetan environment and way of life.”

After the Dalai Lama’s speech, thousands of Tibetans marched through Dharamsala holding up banners with slogans like “Stop Genocide in Tibet!” and “We Want Freedom!” Some waved small Tibetan flags with two snow lions and a blazing sun, and others had the flag painted on their faces."

Reported February 20, 2009 regarding a Shugdenite view,

"The clergy must "refuse to take part in activities aimed at splitting the motherland, and not take part in illegal marches, demonstrations and other activities that disrupt social order," Lobsang was quoted as telling the annual conference of the regional Buddhist clergy on Feb 18. Lobsang is the head of the regional party committee's United Front Work Department, which is in charge of directly supervising Buddhist temples and clergy. He is the most prominent and vigorous supporter in occupied Tibet of those who worship Dorje Shugden, a controversial spirit whose propitiation is strongly discouraged by the Dalai Lama." (Lobsang refers to Lobsang Gyaincain, a member of the standing committee of the regional Communist Party, demanding that monks and nuns recognize what he called the "reactionary nature" of the Dalai Lama clique)