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Shugden Documentaries and Gyatso Interview

Various television documentaries about the Shugen issue are presented by the Central Tibetan Administration (click here).

Two of the documentaries are in English: An Unholy Row (includes Gyatso interview) and The Spirit and Controversy.

Four comments from Gyatso are notable.

About the Dalai Lama's analysis that Shugden is a spirit and Gyatso's view that the Dalai Lama responds unclearly to Gyatso's many letters to the Dalai Lama, Gyatso says,

"He lied."

About Gyatso purportedly being the Third Buddha, Gyatso says,

"People thinking Geshe Kelsang is the Third Buddha is not a bad thing. Maybe they think like this because they have Pure Mind so maybe they think he's a Buddha. There is nothing wrong in that."

About NKT's expulsion of members who question Gyatso's messianic rule, Gyatso says,

"If they want to stay here, they should behave correctly."

About the banning of books in NKT centers not published by Gyatso, Gyatso (apparently more wealthy than marketed by NKT) offers one million pounds (approximately $1.5 million) to anyone who heard him say that no other books can be read. After Gyatso tookover Manjushri Center, all books other than Gyatso's were removed and no books other than Gyatso's can be found in NKT centers around the world. Nothing happens in NKT centers without Gyatso's approval if not order.