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Now that their craziness has simmered, they can tell it like it is. Maybe they will let the rest of us alone.

Shugdenites are forming a new school of 'Buddhism' based on their 'Buddha', Shugden.

Some recent comments of theirs include,

"Dorje Shugden School of buddhism may become a school of its own. Look at Shar Gaden now, the loyal monks who are DS practitioners broke out from Ganden Monastery..."

"Another school of Buddhism is arising. As we can very well see, Shar Gaden is one of them. Dorje Shugden will be the new age Buddha for new age practitioners. I feel that since Dorje Shugden is very swift in clearing our worldly obstacles, he protects us and grants our wishes so this practice will be more effective for people our time."

"So we are about to see a new brand of buddhism arising here through Dorije Shugden."

"Dorje Shugden re-defines everything else around him and can even make an oasis out of the desert. To me, Dorje Shugden is the ultimate story of Hope. Living Hope. Hope in Action. No matter what Dorje Shugden has been put through, he still rises like the sun - ever so bright, like a beacon cutting through the confusion and darkness. If this is a 'cult', then may it be a cult that infects the rest of the world. Because people can't live without hope. Everyone needs hope to live on and to continue to dream."

Fine, separation may make them peaceful instead of yelling and screaming for the media, tarnishing Buddhism.

If they would only not see themselves as a brand of Buddhism with their own 'Buddha', who unlike the real Buddha (Shakyamuni) has no teachings and no special insights.