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NKT supporters have such a way with words.

A recent example, the comment made to someone asking for clarifications about Kelsang Gyatso's firing of Lucy James,

"Is it thai monk or monkey? It's just that you sound more like a monkey than a monk! :) If i give you a bunch of banana's, will you go away and leave us all in peace?"

About Kelsang Gyatso's emails to Lucy James, NKT claims,

"No one had the right to put Lucy's private letter from Geshe Kelsang on the Internet for example; this was not ethical."

In fact, however, these April 2008 emails were distributed by NKT via the Internet during May 2008 after Kelsang Dekyong, NKT's current chief, urged, if not warned, all to have them and to heed them.

NKT supporters claim that this web site consists of lies and gossip. They also say that there is dangerous reporting here because it is credible and professional and that this web site has been made too accessible as a paparazzi of NKT.

The editors of this web site have often requested credible corrections from NKT supporters. In the 2 years since this web site began, there have been no such submissions. Nor, has NKT presented them elsewhere. Instead, NKT posts pictures of its protest rallies, contributes to web sites and books ridiculing NKT survivors and Tibetan Lamas, issues press releases of its agenda, which for some reason mentions the US CIA often, and threatens lawsuits against those questioning its deeds.

In the months since a web site was created to specifically 'tackle' this web site's alleged "lies and misconceptions...As you will see in the coming weeks and months," nothing has been added.


NKT's most popular Shugden supporter and anti-Dalai Lama voice these days recently shared this...

"I love Dorje Shugden and I love his hat. We did not have much to go on in 1956 and I was eight, except for a Smokey The Bear, Teddy Bear. A Forest Ranger with a hat just like the Protectors,he carried a shovel and said, “Only you can prevent Forest Fire.

I loved that Bear very much. He taught me to love the Forest, he wore a hat that had authority. Smokey taught me to put out fires, Like the one we fight today.

This immense flame scorches the earth, The Dharma proceeds unhindered, by insignificant attempts to put it out, Is immeasurably insignificant.

As a fire sweeps through the underbrush to clear out the old, new seeds and sprouts emerge with new blooms. So too the dharma starts anew with each one of us, renewing ourselves within the purifying blaze, that burns brightly within each and everyone of us. I loved Smokey The Bear! He was always there. I love the Protector! He is always here."


NKTites certainly like to cling to their sense of security. Like a melding of Shugden and Smokey the Bear.

In the months since the announcement that Shugden reincarnated decades ago to reign over the world as king, there has yet to be any credible information....most notably, not even from Shugden monasteries, which do not even mention Shugden on their web sites, or from NKT, which is the most vocal Shugden cult in the world.

Few if any objective readers or aspiring Buddhists will find anything advertised by NKT, a political cult reliant on taxpayer subsidies to develop its wealth, to be reliable.


Editors Note:

NOTE: We see a large difference between Kelsang Gyatso's books and NKT's actions.

His books are largely straightforward presentations of Tibetan Buddhism, though NKT denies any connection with Tibetan Buddhism, even though NKT claims to live by the wondrous teachings of Tsongkhapa, a most eminent Tibetan Buddhist. After all, Kelsang Gyatso was a Tibetan Buddhist before he wasn't.

We have little debate with Kelsang Gyatso's Buddhism books. We disagree with the portrait presented to the public by NKT's protest rallies, Internet attacks, clergy and member abuse, scandals, two recent political manifestos and demands to interfere with Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet.

We do not agree based on the evidence and even NKT's 2-decade-long campaign against him that the Dalai Lama is horrible, bogus, wrongly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a Nazi, a CIA puppet and a liar as NKT insists. Contrary to the Shugdenite lawsuit against him trumpeted by NKT, the Supreme Court in India didn't think so either.

Like about 100,000 Tibetans, the Dalai Lama lives in exile from his homeland where the Dalai Lama legacy has no authority since its Communist takeover during the 1950s when he was in his twenties. Since then, he has worked more than most, or maybe anyone else, to spread the profound ideals of Buddhism around the world and is respected around the world by hundreds of millions of us.

NKT's obsession with the Tibetan Shugden matter which goes back 350 years has no relevance whatsoever to NKT, which is not subject in anyway to Tibetan Shugden policy and the views of any of the 14 Dalai Lamas.

NKT is free to worship its Westernized Shugden and disregard Shakyamuni's teachings, though we wish they would keep it private.

NKT's vile Internet chatter and attacks against its survivors help no one. Its litigation threat tactic is misdirected.

Some of us used to be NKT regulars and contributed many thousands of dollars and substantial labor, but left because of its politics and hate.

All we can recommend to NKT supporteres is to read, if nothing else, Kelsang Gyatso's books on Buddhism. We have, many times. This would offer them a beginning to a beneficial future.

We regret that many NKT supporters will find these sentiments as they did the Welcome Message on our home page - unreasonable, filled with rants, poorly written and conceived, misinformed, incompetent and spiritual arson.

May love and compassion prevail in all of our individual and collective journeys.