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This site makes me sad.

The same way the books disparaging the Dalai Lama make me sad.

I believe that Dorje Shugdan is important in Buddhist practice as did the Dali Lama's Root Guru.

I feel that the Dali Lama and Geshe Kelsang Gyatso are both Buddhas working in ways that we can not understand.

I could spend this email quoting hypocritical quotes from The Dali Lama and actions taken by him that seem anti-Buddhist, but I won't.

I hope you somehow find peace and enlightenment.

I truly hope you are really an emanation of a Buddha attempting to help cultivate faith in humans.


Editors Note:
NKT's battles against Tibetan Lamas and its survivors make us sad. We disagree with the belief that Shugden is important, particularly for westerners. Shakyamuni, Tsongkhapa and most other Buddhists did/do not esteem Shugden folklore which began long after the founding of Buddhism. Most Buddhists who know about the Shugden controversy and NKT's role to market it likewise and appropriately do not esteem Shugden. Very few sacrifice their spirituality for Shugdenism, fewer yet subscribe to NKT's business model for Shugden. We disagree with NKT's hateful books and protests against the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Lamas. We agree with the monastery where Kelsang Gyatso received his only training toward the Geshe degree.....he is not a Geshe and he abandoned Tibetan Buddhism in favor of hate mongering, against which most essayists posting on web site beg an end to. Like many things, Kelsang Gyatso misrepresents his credentials.