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The following article excerpt of George Ambler in his 2006 ariticle Fish rot from the head down, as do organisations helps explain the poor reputation of NKT.

"The more I read about leadership and as I observe leaders in organisations I’ve come to believe the Russian proverb that “A fish rots from the head” as true and found that it applies equally to organisations. An organisation is the shadow of the top leader. An organisation and a team is only as successful as it’s leader. John Maxwell calls this “The Law of the Lid“, which states that:

“Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness…Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Organisations and teams require great leadership to thrive and succeed. It seems that far too often organisations are over-managed and under-led. The leadership at the top of an organisation is of paramount importance. I’m still amazed at the lack of focus on an organisations top leadership and what truly astonishes me is the lack of urgency when it comes to removing poor performing leaders. All too often poor leaders are left to destroy customer relationships and staff morale. Leadership has be held to a higher standard, especially when is comes to their character.

My advice to organisations is firstly, act swiftly to remove poor performing leadership, do not wait until low staff morale or poor performance forces your hand. Secondly, spend the time necessary to select the right leadership properly, placing character first."

Rather than as a paragon of virtue NKT is best known for its scandals, ugly protests, banning clergy/students/renters and Internet attacks.

Kelsang Gyatso's direct reports, his 'Gen-las', have tarnished whatever benefit NKT had to offer. But, they would not have done so without Kelsang Gyatso's encouragement.

Kelsang Gyatso has created a dependant fan club for his novel path, his vision for a new tradition, away from ethical conduct and compassion, creating strong attachments to ego, pride and anger.

NKT is a monumental waste of human effort.