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Is NKT as ugly as it seems? Is NKT as beautiful as it seems? Is NKT nothing but the hate expressed in its protest rallies with dozens of NKT monks and nuns yelling with their raised fists and loud megaphones? Is NKT a beautiful golden temple with stirring appeal and inspiration?

Depends on who you ask. Those harmed vs those benefited vs those selling vs those at war.

But really, what is NKT?

There must be an ultimate answer. Maybe, NKT is both, ugly and beautiful. Maybe, we do what Buddha taught, take what we like, leave the rest.

Spoiler alert...there is no ultimate answer but The Four Noble Truths. A delicate arduous task. A legitimate guide is usually required. This is where we should be but too few find ourselves.

Many of us live pragmatically and emotionally. In these spheres answers about NKT are more readily apparent.

To visitors and members early in their involvement, NKT seems like Buddhism. Simple, enthralling, promising. Some are attracted to visit and join, lucky if they did some Internet searching first.

Most move on from NKT. Disenchanted, assaulted, warned. Tired of the endless charges and jobs as they watch NKT accumulate wealth and attack respected Buddhist teachers and communities. Some leave NKT damaged. Some are salvaged by friends and family. Some are still trapped inside NKT, sometimes overtly aware, sometimes subliminally aware.

NKT is the easiest to find place for many of us because of the number of its centers and advertising.

But should we enter or not?

For some, NO. Protect yourself from NKT panacea.

For some, YES. Enjoy the promise of peace and comradery. It will be nice. Absorb any good you can find. It can be rewarding.

Until it isn't.

Beware of NKT conspiracies. Beware of NKT psychotherapy.

At any sign of developing dependency or of NKT's now legendary hate machine, get out.

Avoid Shugden traps and politics.

Do not join NKT protest rallies, assaults on NKT survivors or massive Internet hate speech.

Report abuse and sexual assault to police.

Beware of how much of your money you are spending. Think about your future career and livelihood. Keep in mind that you are the builders of NKT corporation and the payeees to the exorbitant life styles of its executives.

Anticipate eviction from your rental living quarters when your money or taxpayer subsidy runs out. Many have been surprised and devestated.

Keep in touch with your friends and family. Keep your cult meter close and consider why NKT has so many battles.

Consider that all the books about Buddhism in stores and libraries and all Buddhist teachers are banned inside NKT. Nor are pictures of any Buddhist lama permitted inside NKT even in private rental quarters, especially of the most widely known Buddhist on earth, the Dalai Lama. Consider that the profound writings of the founders of Kadampa, Atisha and Tsongkhapa, are also disallowed as are their rules for monks and nuns. Condider that Gyatso's monastery and virtually all Buddhist organizations have issued statements that Gyatso is a fake Geshe and that his teaching and clergy are not legitimate. Consider the history of NKT scandal and controversy.

To become a monk or nun, go elsewhere to places where Buddha's monastic vows are honored and not distorted.

Be aware of the damage NKT has caused and is causing. Listen to hundreds of NKT ex-clergy and survivors that have compassionately shared their trauma and then suffer further trauma from NKT attacks broadcast on the Internet and sent to their employer.

As it has shown, NKT is a dead end.