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NKT leader, Kelsang Dekyong, heads to the USA in June to bless the latest NKT multi-million dollar real estate venture.

This time, in Sarasota, Florida. The same center that Lucy James was fired from by Kelsang Gyatso 3 years ago for disagreeing with his new protests led by Kelsang Dekyong to promote NKT's demon worship to Shugden. The same center that Kelsang Dekyong visited May 2008 to quell the distress of members over the firing of Lucy James and the resignation of the administrative director because he viewed Kelsang Gyatso's protest rallies as dishonest politics and to discuss Kelsang Gyatso's April 2008 letters to Lucy James and NKT members at large about initiating protest rallies and directing NKT's Kelsang Pema to be in charge of organizing and media promotion for Kelsang Gyatso's protest strategies.

(reported by an attendee, Kelsang Dekyong urged everyone to read these letters, particularly the one being called the "Dear Lucy" letter, warning those in the tearful room of their excommunicatiion for similar defiance; a year later, NKT insisted that these letters should not have been distributed because they were private letters from NKT's 'Buddha' Kelsang Gyatso (to all NKT members and anyone who asked to see them!); contrary to Kelsang Gyatso's statements in these letters and hundreds of pictures of its protest rallies taken by NKT iteself, NKT denies that it had anything to do with NKT's protest rallies around the world)

From the center's web site....

"We will kick off the celebration with a Temple blessing with Gen-la Dekyong. The following day we will be given commentary to the latest book written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Modern Buddhism. Sunday we have the special opportunity to receive the blessing empowerment and teachings on the practice Dorje Shugden."




Will NKT bring its protests for demon worship to Sarasota?

in the middle picture, Kelsang Dekyong reads from NKT's political manifesto, The Tibetan Situation Today

in the bottom picture, Kelsang Khyenrab and Kelsang Dekyong, Kesang Gyatso's first and second replacements

"Everyone welcome." Except those who are banned.

There are charlatans everywhere. The most clever bilk their targets in the name of religion with promises of ego-gratifying godliness.