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It has been reported that May 7, 2008, Dekyong visited Florida's NKT center to calm its tearful members over the April 2008 firing of senior NKT resident teacher Lucy James and resignation of the center's administrative director for disagreeing with Gyatso's new assault on the Dalai Lama (click here for Gyatso's April 2008 emails about this). The most visibly devastated one there was a longtime teacher at the center, whose book review was printed on the jacket of one of Gyatso's books and whose involvement has recently been removed from the center's web site's roster of teachers (as several other center teachers have been).

Dekyong also introduced the new resident teacher installed to replace Lucy James, clarified that NKT is not a form of Tibetan or any other Buddhism, and expressed her pride in her memory of being able to find a few Gyatso quotes in books she held. Dekyong made very clear that she is a big shot in NKT who took precious time out from her important schedule to visit the small NKT outpost. This was a unique opportunity for the tearful members to get the whole story about the recent changes in the center. Dekyong urged everyone to read Gyatso's emails about the matter and contact her anytime.


A return to the scene of a crime?

Just announced, May 10, 2009, Dekyong will return to the center for an event called Seeing Kindness: Cultivating the Supreme Good Heart. The event's tag line, "Wherever we look we find only the kindness of others." - not what NKT shouts and blogs about the Dalai Lama, several other Buddhists and its excommunicated clergy, students and renters.


Course description,

"We all want to be kind and loving people, but find it hard to see others in positive ways, especially our close family and friends. We often struggle with discouragement and dissatisfaction, seeing our self and our life as a representation of others inattentiveness and neglect.

In order to conquer these feelings we need to unlock our heart. Seeing the kindness of others is the best way to do this and begin to develop our loving nature. In Buddha's teachings on love he explains profound and practical methods to change our view. By using our wisdom eyes to see our mother as kind, we lay the foundation for a deep, genuine and lasting love for everyone we meet."

The center claims the event is "Open to everyone", though maybe not in view of the list of those who NKT has banned from its centers.

Notably, NKT claims that it is hard to see our family and friends in positive ways and that we see our life as a representation of other's inattentiveness and neglect. Wow, NKT paranoia and self centeredness training revealed again. Actually, most see their family and friends in positive ways and few outside NKT see their lives as a representation of other's inattentiveness and neglect.

Although the course calls for seeing the kindness of others, perhaps first, NKTites should cultivate and practice their own kindness rather than focus on seeing other's kindness.

Will the real Dekyong, who is rumored to replace Gyatso August 2009 instead of Khyenrab, show up with her NKT Shugden bible and megaphone? This is the predominant face of NKT, devoid of kindness, which is nowhere to be found in NKT web sites and tens of thousands of hateful blog posts. Neither is kindness findable in NKT's bible.


Perhaps the center needs a shot in the arm since the center's attendance has so dramatically declined over the past year. Perhaps another morale problem from NKT's campaign.

For anyone wishing to attend, it's $45, vegetarian lunch included. Click here to pay. Undoubtedly, the center needs the money. The Gyatso offering puja at the end of the day is a free bonus.

The idea of Dekyong teaching kindness is as oxymoronic as it gets.

(click on the Public Service link on the top of the page while you are there. It says that the center is a major visitor center...even though "We will be offering open hours to the public in the near future." How can a place be a major visitor destination with its open hours not yet defined?)


Dekyong entertained the attendees with many jokes mixed with a serious message. If only NKT would live this message..

"Selfishness is causing all the suffering in this world.

We are all slaves to the demon of excessive self concern.

We have 84,000 delusions. 21,000 different types of anger. 21,000 different types of desirous attachment and 21,000 different types of ignorance and 21,000 different types of inappropriate attention.

We need to stop looking at other's faults, our main preoccupation in life.

We have a lot of views that are wrong, they are completely wrong.

Life seems very simple to the deluded mind.

People who seem to make us feel bad, although actually nobody really has that power, no one has the power to make us feel bad. There's only one thing that makes us feel bad. Just one. And it's not a person, it's the demon of self cherishing.

The vast majority of people have the unfortunate title of stranger. And we feel indifferent to all of them. Sad, so sad. We feel indifferent to others...That can include an entire race of people, an entire group of people that hold particular religious views, an entire group of people who hold political views. We can just wipe them out with one amputation. We forsake them and have indifference towards them.

All we need to do is stop cherishing our self and learn to cherish others. This takes a humble mind."

The center's ban of a longtime supporter comes to our minds, a small example showing that NKT does not really adhere to these notions.

There was also questionable commentary...

"Our precious teacher Geshe Kelsang doesn't think about himself. Look at what his one life is producing. Look at how much positivity pouring into this world everyday from his heart because he has stopped thinking about himself.

There's Kadampa babies in the NKT who have had advanced tantric empowerments."


Editor's Note:
Also reported, a few months ago, is that when callers to this center ask for Lucy James, they are told that Lucy James still lives in Sarasota working on NKT Internet postings.

Though Lucy James is no longer a resident teacher with NKT (removed by Gyatso April 2008), she is pictured on the center site as of mid April 2009 (typically, banned teachers/clergy are quickly removed from all NKT web sites)...

(Lucy James is left of center in the pink shirt)