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Imagine shopping or going to or from work or simply sight seeing.

About a block away, you hear shrill megaphones and banging drums. Get closer, you see a bunch of people in robes screaming and flailing their fists. You see their large posters. You see them handing out leaflets. They seem to be yelling at somebody in some sort of protest. Across the street, people carrying Tibetan flags yelling back at the protesters.

What the hell is going on?

Finally, you hear what the vulgar protesters are screaming...something about the Dalai Lama. It makes no sense. You have heard of him, saw his books in the book store, might even have stopped to read a page or two.

The protesters look like Buddhist monks and nuns. You don't know they are really fakers wearing costumes. You might see one of them talking to a TV camera, selling something you suppose.

You turn away, you want nothing to do with what is happening. If that is what Buddhism is you want nothing to do with it. Tens of thousands of people turned away from Buddhism by NKT.

You are afraid if you get too close they will hound you for money. So you avoid them.

This is the scene NKT has staged around the world. Probably over a million people saw something about NKT's horror show.

NKT presenting Buddhism as something disgusting, spending millions of pounds/dollars. You might even see NKT's buses and party time around the buses. You don't know that they are spending taxpayer subsidy money for what was supposed to be a non-profit charity.

You might even see the ugliness on TV news or in newspapers. You avoid it.

Imagine how many people NKT turned away from Buddhism for no real reason other than NKT hate in service to its helpless satanic god.