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Probably despised by Kelsang Gyatso and NKT because he is an admired Tibetan Buddhist and associated with the previous and current Dalai Lamas, Gehlek Rimpoche writes in his book 'Good Life, Good Death'....

"negative emotions - anger, attachment, hatred, and jealousy - are the original cause that keeps us trapped in the cycle of life and death. From negative emotions come negative actions, from negative action comes negative karma, and from negative karma come karmic consequences.

Why do I create negative karma even though I know it will just make me suffer? I can't help it because I'm under control of my emotional habits. The bare bones of the problems is my habit of anger, attachment, hatred - those negative emotions."

In the book's Forward, the Dalai Lama wrote,

"The more we have made our lives meaningful, the less we will regret at the time of death. Therefore, the way we feel when we come to die is very much dependent on the way we have lived. If our daily life has been positive and meaningful, when the end comes, even though we do not wish for it, we will be able to accept it as a part of our life. We will have no regrets."

Those in NKT and those considering joining NKT may improve their lives immeasurably by evaluating their lives with these words and by relinquishing NKT's negativity and its karmic consequences.

Particularly those NKT participants still early in their lives should also consider the tragic stories of many young clergy, teachers and committed students who were almost destroyed by their devotion to NKT and some of whom have become NKT's leading targets for public ridicule.

Is NKT's wrong path, isolation and politics really worth wasting your precious life?