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NKT Redefines NKT

February 2017, NKT became something different that has never existed before, 'Buddhism' for busy people needing something portable.

The head of NKT proclaimed, "It's newly appearing in this generation. It's never appeared before. It's called Modern Buddhism. It's for us. It fits. Everything about it fits. The language fits. The practical methods fit. The way to mix it with daily life fits. It all works. It fits. Its acceptable to modern society. It's exactly what we're looking for. This Modern Buddhism is coming from the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpochet."

NKT is not to be confused with actual Buddhism or historical Buddhism, which apparently NKT find are not acceptable to modern society and are not for us in modern society. Out with the old, in with the new.

No wonder, NKT weaned/banned its followers from teachers other than Kelsang Gyatso and banned teachings and books by recognized Buddhist leaders, eg Tsongkhapa, Atisha and the Dalai Lama or from any other of hundreds of well known teachers the past 2,5000 years.

January 2017, NKT issued a fundamental statement, that it is also segregating itself from Tibetan Shugdenism. Contrary to all leading Shugdenite teachers and monasteries, NKT does not recognized the reincarnation of Gyatso's teacher, Trijang Dorjechang (who escaped Tibet with the Dalai Lama with the Chinese takeover).

Of course, it is fine for NKT to re-invent itself. This could be why NKT became less militant. NKT is to be applauded for this. Perhaps sacrificing historical Buddhism for less militancy is an acceptable price to pay. For those outside NKT, we have a rich heritage from which to learn, practice and attain and hundreds of books and teachers to embrace.