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A post on Reddit recently re-posted an essay posted here May 2009. Little has improved.

Reflecting on the “Inside” of a cult. The inside of the New Kadampa Tradition.

Always interesting when New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) insiders reveal how NKT views the world around them.

NKT insiders are mortified by how the world sees them.

Swirls of paranoia and fear sweep through NKT as gossip boils from time to time of internal scandals, romances among NKT clergy and between its clergy and students, leaked emails and castigating conversations, blame for those leaving NKT, protest rallies, demotions issued by Kelsang Gyatso (their guru), concern for room and board and the fragility of their circumstances renting government-subsidized rooms from NKT, reasons behind clergy and students being banned from NKT, adverse media coverage about NKT and NKT's future after the departure of Kelsang Gyatso. Trust is becoming rare inside NKT.

NKT clergy and students virtually chant amongst themselves that NKT is not a cult, determined to prove everyone wrong.\Everything Kelsang Gyatso feels, wants and says represents the will of the highest being on earth. Kelsang Gyatso is worshiped as the only living Buddha and an incarnation of Tsongkhapa (who in NKT theology was an incarnation of Shugden, NKT's supreme substance necessitating NKT ferocity to protect).

Kelsang Gyatso knows everything - past, present and future. He permitted internal scandals as valuable sins for his graciousness to cleanse.

Complete faith in Kelsang Gyatso will purify your life and assure you of enlightenment and a fast track to infinite happiness. To be near him is to be but a potential moment away from complete happiness and never again to be reborn into samsara.

To be in NKT is to reside in an incomparable field of merit wherein your allegiance will be rewarded with Kelsang Gyatso's nectar. Your benefit for pursuing NKT's mission will be merit multiplied thousands of times more than that from positive actions outside NKT which NKT considers as mundane and superfluous. What you do for NKT you do for Buddha, providing you the most direct access to Kelsang Gyatso's benevolence feasible and the fast track to nirvana.

Anything standing in the way of NKT's purportedly pure religion must be attacked, ridiculed or threatened. NKT's biggest perceived obstacles - the Dalai Lama, NKT's ex clergy and students, Tibetan Buddhists and anyone questioning NKT dogma - are to be vilified.

Added note. Lucy James, fired by Kelsang Gyatso April 2008 (the reasons for which more or less inspired this web site), was 're-hired' years later as a lead defender of NKT. The full version of this essay addressed James' firing, including castigating emails from Kelsang Gyatso that Kelsang Dekyong urged everyone to read as a means to strike fear, remain loyal or else.

Teachings and books not from Kelsang Gyatso are to be ignored if not demonized.

Inside NKT, self cherishing has been perfected, fed continuously by NKT's public policy and abuse of those harmed by NKT.

It is us on the outside who are at fault for hindering NKT's perfect destiny.

But, we also have value to NKT because NKT sees us in the outside world as it does its students, clergy and visitors - annuities, to donate money, to convert our possessions into donations and to loan NKT money with no prospect for repayment for use in NKT's mission against its perceived opponents and NKT's protest rally, assault web site, mansion, hotel, spa, restaurant, and apartment rental 'charities'.

While there are many reasons why NKT attracts new students and clergy (e.g., hope to explore Buddhism, need for community, need for food and shelter, psychological needs, sense of loss or tragedy, need to rationalize arrogance and search for superiority, need to rebel) and while many inside NKT find the pious solace they seek, at least temporarily, most eventually leave NKT...

...sometimes after disenchantment with NKT's distorted Buddhism, sometimes after feeling their spirituality destroyed, sometimes after observing or being manipulated to cover up internal NKT scandals sometimes themselves permitted to occur by Kelsang Gyatso, sometimes after disgust for Kelsang Gyatso's anger with and jealousy of the Dalai Lama and legitimate forms of Buddhism, sometimes after being appalled by NKT's political protest rallies, sometimes after shock with how NKT abuses charitable donations, sometimes after being subjected to substantial trauma and fear, sometimes after intervention from loved ones, sometimes after sexual abuse, sometimes after donating all their savings, sometimes after being expelled from NKT's government-subsidized housing, sometimes after being banned from attendance at its meditation centers, sometimes after becoming frustrated with the lack of spiritual progress, sometimes after realizing that Kelsang Gyatso is a fake Geshe and that NKT's monastic vows differ significantly from genuine Buddhist practices, sometimes after realizing that NKT's monks and nuns are little more than imitation clergy who dress as Tibetan clergy while despising Tibetan clergy, sometimes after becoming horrified by the predominant public face of NKT

...sometimes to be ridiculed, called a liar and threatened on NKT's web sites or in its prolific posts after leaving or being banned by NKT, a rather disgraceful and non-Buddhist way to treat its ex students and clergy. Facing ongoing NKT attacks, several hundred ex NKT students and clergy formed a self help group for themselves and others, especially those feeling trapped inside NKT.