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Reddit Bulletin Board Bans NKT

"Following recent news confirming conspiracy theories and speculation for years that the NKT is financially backed by the Chinese Communist Party, we are making an executive decision. While we understand that many who participate in NKT-led events are largely unaware of the political drama, we cannot comfortably ignore the substantial amount of evidence uncovered by international journalism that the CCP is not only financially backing the NKT, but actively using the controversy to sow dissent and employing espionage tactics in the Buddhist community.

Our position is the Buddhist religion has an ancient history, and we cannot permit a totalitarian regime to interfere with our legacy, sabotage our traditions, and destroy our institutions.

As such, any content that is directly related to and in support of the NKT will be considered from here on out to be political propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party and swiftly removed. We welcome participants of the NKT to engage in discussions, but please refrain from making comments disparaging the Dalai Lama or relating to Dorje Shugden. An exception to this might be in the case of a newbie asking for information on the controversy–explanatory expositions of what is going on is tolerable; only direct support of the NKT will be viewed as a post with a political agenda and subsequently removed."

Some comments about this,

"It's a business too. Good ol' Nick Gillespie, Lucy's disgraced former boyfriend, says in his cv (online on Linkdn) that he grew the "business" of Madhyamaka centre to a business worth £4million. They put on at least 3 international festivals every year these days because they are such a nice cash cow for them. Check their Charity Commission accounts online and you will see they are sitting on funds of about 17 million GBP for their "International Temples Fund".

Their vast fortune was built on the backs of UK tax payers who've always paid the lion's share of mortgages on their properties via Housing and Unemployment Benefits, which are dishonestly claimed by the residents who work as "volunteers" to renovate the buildings while pretending they are looking for a proper job, in order to claim the benefits. Nowadays they re-mortgage those original properties that are now paid for, in order to raise the funds to buy more. Recently their Bodhisattva Centre in Brighton re-mortgaged their property in order to donate nearly half a million pounds to their property acquisition programme. We have the accounts to prove it.

Meanwhile, some NKT members are so poor that you regularly see "GoFundMe" pleas for cash from NKT individuals who are so broke they can't afford things like medical treatment, or the legal fees they get lumbered with when centres fail and the poor gullible trustees end up paying the price for the failure out of their own pockets. There was a recent one I saw -where a poor hapless devotee had lost more than £10,000 of his life savings and was facing bankruptcy, poverty and destitution. Meanwhile NKT HQ sits on multi-millions of pounds, ignoring the plight of its impoverished rank and file members, in order to build more gold palaces to glorify their fake Geshe and false spiritual guide."


"I don't agree with the new rule on /r/buddhism, however I do understand their reason. The content from NKT posters was mostly rubbishing other people's traditions or the Dalai Lama."


"The government of the People's Republic Of China is defacto totalitarian. They invaded Tibet. Being a prominent religious leader the Dalai Lama is also a community leader and he has spent most of his life trying to get help for Tibet. In order to counteract the Dali Lama the government of China has been attempting cutlural genocide by destroying ancient buildings and works, as well as transporting in large amounts of Chinese people to resettle in Tibet to dilute the identity people might have as "Tibetan". Further along the lines of cultural genocide to remove the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan religion as a point of resistance the Chinese government supports the NKT which is a "Tibetan Buddhism" without the Dalai Lama."


"Please NKT do distance yourself from Tibet and Tibetan politics by stopping your harassment and attacks on the Dalai Lama and by stopping your ignorant, offensive attitude to Tibetans. "Tibetans Stop Supporting the Dalai Lama" you declare in your banners. Oh puhleeze! If that's not political, what is? Tibetans are a stateless people - this is a POLITICAL matter, whether you like it or not."