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The announcement that Shugden has been alive as a human for the past few decades is big. He is no longer merely a memory or spirit to worship, but an actual living being to engage and to speak for himself.


Several questions are raised.

Didn't NKT get the memo?

Or, has NKT been perpetrating a fraud?

Were NKT's clergy and followers duped all these years?

Why did Kelsang Gyatso, professed by NKT to be a Buddha, not know about Shugden being alive, or why did Kelsang Gyatso pretend that Shugden was not alive?

Instead of directing his 'faithful' to march for Shugden against so many Buddhists, why didn't Kelsang Gyatso tell his followers the truth, that Shugden was actually alive?

Are there any photographs of and output from Shugden's new incarnation?

What has he been doing all these years?

Will he ever make his existence public?

What does the new Shugden think of NKT and its campaign to protect him?

What does Shugden think of NKT's books, The Tibetan Situation Today and A Great Deception?

Why has Shugden remained silent during his life, expecially in view of NKT's campaign to demand allegience to Shugden and threaten disbelievers in Shugden?

Is the living Shugden as fierce and vengeful as NKT has portrayed?

In contrast to NKT, will Shugden's latest reincarnation help make the world a better place?

Does Shugden still need NKT's protection?

Is NKT's Shugdenism good for NKT business?

When will Shugden begin posting on his facebook account?

What role does the world's loudest Shugden advocate, Kelsang Gyatso, have now that Shugden has been reborn?

Will the human Shugden accompany Kelsang Gyatso to Brazil for NKT's fall festival?

How many were involved in keeping Shugden's reincarnation secret for 30+ years?

Everything NKT has done the past 2 decades must be re-examined in view of Shugden's being alive the past few decades, ie before NKT's ugly behaviour began. Now, what do NKT's followers think about their boasts and attacks?

Since the mid 1990s, NKT has insinuated its aggressive Shugdenism upon us, the media, its clergy and its followers in NKT pursuit to garner substantial government subsidies to grow its worldwide corporation.

There have been many casualties with NKT's 'holy' battle. For what purpose?

NKT sponsored protest rallies and fed numerous web sites to protect Shugden, all powerful but unable to protect himself.

All the while, a living Shugden sequesters behind the scenes watching the ugliness that NKT unleashed in his name.

Or, perhaps like the reincarnation of Kelsang Gyatso's 'guru', Trijang, he prefers not to profess Shugdenism. Perhaps he too moved to the United States to get away from Shugdenites and not fuel NKT's hate. Perhaps like Kelsang Gyatso's uncle, Shugden's oracle (even while Shugden has been alive), the new Shugden has withdrawn to support the Dalai Lama.