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Examples of NKT attacks on the Dalai Lama are easy to find, such as...

The Dalia Lama has been brokering and inciting hate within the Tibetan Colonies to mask his failed policies to regain a toe hold in China-Tibet.

The similarities between the Dalia Lama’s administration and Adolph Hitler’s reign of terror over the world do not go unnoticed to some of us for the methodology that this Dalia Lama has chosen to embrace to defend his indefensible position as a monk. If he were an actual elected representative of an actual nation, he would then be entitled to his unorthodox treatment of Dorje Shugden practitioners.

No one here can convince me otherwise that this Dalia lama has overstepped his ground by attacking Dorje Shugden practitioners not only now, but for the last 350 years. No one can tell me that this once simple monk that flew coach and spoke sincerely about the environment has not become insane or ill with all the adoration that the Hollywood have led him down the Garden Path to Narcissism.

I will not relent until this Dalia Lama recants and admits his mistake of harming others,me and my family.

Sooner or later we Americans will come to realize the awkwardness of admiring a God King is as out of date and the reason we threw out King George in our War of Independence. No Kings nor God Kings are allowed here.

Throughout your life you have pretended to be a Buddhist holy being giving Buddhist teachings that you have stolen from Trijang Rinpoche. By doing this, you have cheated people throughout the world. In summary, it is clear that your real nature is cruel and very evil.

All these horrible situations have developed through the power of your evil actions. This is our valid evidence to prove that you are not Buddhist. Because of this, we also believe that you are the saffron robed Muslim.

Yes! Cults like the Dalia Lama Cult. You are either in his grasp or you are not!

These Medievalist think they are dealing with peasants, when in actuality, We are People from the Future.

We will be in New York to demonstrate against this common Tyrant that scoops up money from the unwary as Madoff has done to those who trusted in him.

Aside from the fact that he interferes in our attempts to heal and encourage healthy relationships with former adversaries as he lies about Tibet. It is the Chinese who will loan the US, trillions of USD to restore our economy. The President will see for himself the atrocities the Tibetan Peasants endured under his reign for over 350 years. I am certain President Obama will be surprised and shocked to see the exhibit in Being this next month. I am certain the Chinese will make a point of sharing this Museum dedicated to the Peasants of Tibet and their Emancipation Proclamation called, “SERF’S EMMANCIPATION DAY”.

Maybe Dalia will recant before this over, just like he did last time his regret forced him to mold a figure of Dragpa Gyalstshen into Dorje Shugden. What is with this guy, first he doesn't’, then he does?? What gives Dalia?

Fortunately, such commentary, while commonly posted by NKT supporters, represents only a very small number of detractors when compared to the millions of supporters of the great works of the Dalai Lama.

Everyone may judge for themselves the truthfulness and motivation behind NKT's commentaries against the Dalai Lama.