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Purify Our Mind

Individuals in NKT can be spot on.

Here, NKT teacher Kelsang Kunsang notes,

"It is just a question of the purity of our mind...When our mind becomes pure, we perceive pure land, we perceive pure beings, and we ourselves become a pure being...If our mind is pure, we are pure, and everything else will appear completely pure...As long as our mind is impure, everything that appears to our mind is impure...We definitely need to purify our mind (so) that pure things can appear to it...Appearance depends on individual people's karma...Pure mind means enlightenment."

Elsewhere, Kelsang Kunsang said,

"Seeing ordinary thing so boring, causes our mind to develop confusion and dillusions...Impure mind cannot perceive pure objects."

No teaching here that those outside NKT are corrupt and in need of its purifying political battle. No name calling, like Nazi, Marxist, dictator, murderer, hypocrite, human rights abuser, traitor, evil, Muslim, cruel, pig, spiritual con man, one of biggest scams of the century, corrupt politician, CIA agent and demon who has inflicted more harm than those who have killed millions of people, tortured millions of people and raped millions of women in modern times alone.

There is a teaching here, however, that Kelsang Gyatso's perceptions of outsiders as impure reveals his own impure mind.

The world would be better if NKT leadership would purify their own minds and stop attempting to purify ours, and learn from us and help us to grow themselves. Compassion is far more important than self gratification.

This web site has noted many times that many teachings in Kelsang Gyatso's books and from NKT teachers can be useful. However, their politics is counterproductive and harmful.

Inner purity vs political/religious purity.

Visit NKT cautiously, although there can be useful teachings and constructive relationships

Be especially cautious about Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments

If the Subject turns to Shugden, politics, the Dalai Lama, protest rallies...politely leave

Avoid NKT's Heart Jewel training (this is introductory Shugenism; it is designed to pull you into NKT deeper)

Please do not participate with NKT protest rallies, handing out NKT brochures/manifestos

Contribute sparingly, be frugal

Avoid becoming dependent on NKT

For deeper involvement with Buddhism, explore elsewhere

Consider ordinations elsewhere

Peruse the wide variety of books available about Buddhism outside NKT (because they are banned inside NKT except for the founder's books)

There is a plethora of web sites, book stores, art stores, organizations to obtain support materials

Absorb the good, ignore the bad

Practice compassion and kindness at least as much as listening about them

Follow you heart, not propaganda

If you are finding you are not heard inside NKT, leave