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Shugden is so helpless that NKT is compelled to rescue its mythological god. Save and embellish Shugden fantasy at all costs, setting aside ethical conduct.

Simultaneously, NKT claims that Shugden is a super Buddha unable to be subdued by anyone, begging the question why Shugden needs so much protection.

Shugden, it is time to show yourself. It is time to prove yourself. Stop relying on NKT for your dirty work. Stop relying on folk lore and NKT politics.

Shugden, protect something.

Shugden, subdue me. If you are so great as NKT claims because the fifth Dalai Lama could not subdue you, then try subduing somebody yourself - not through surrogates, just yourself. According to NKT logic, if you cannot subdue me, then I am an NKT-recognized Buddha.

What time frame should we afford you? A day, a week, a year, a life time, an instant?

Shugden, show your purported power. Show your purported god status. Show something other than NKT anger.

Otherwise, rest in peace. If you cannot act, then consider yourself subdued. And, stop inspiring NKT to protest, spread hate, attack Tibetan Buddhism, attack Tibetan Lamas and ridicule those who muster the courage to leave NKT. Stop ruining the lives of NKT clergy so desperately seeking ego gratification and control over others.

NKT, accept the futility of Shugden. Relinquish your hatred and its rationalization through your western Shugden cult.

Shugden is only a selfish idea. NKT, you are merely protecting your dark nature, benefitting no one.

What credible evidence is there that Shugden has not been subdued, or even ever existed beyond an idea (which NKT uses to castigate everyone it can)? 'Shugden' never wrote anything, never built anything, never taught anything and has never been seen by anyone. Shugden's purported previous incarnations never mentioned Shugden. Seriously, is Shugden any more than an imagination?


Editors Note:
NKT has effectively promoted anyone to Buddhas who Shugden, protected by NKT, has not subdued. All those NKT survivors, the Dalai Lama, other Tibetan Lamas and even our essayists are to be seen as Buddhas in view of NKT's criteria for becoming a Buddha.

To our knowledge, this essayist has not been subdued by Shugden. Voila, a new Buddha according to NKT's bent theology.

Of course, NKT's world view is ridiculous. NKT's demand that Shugden be worshipped is ridiculous. NKT's fantasy that Shugden is real is ridiculous. NKT's sole mission, to protect Shugden, is ridiculous. NKT's political mission is ridiculous. NKT is ridiculous.

The 100th head of the tradition developed from Tsongkhapa's teachings, the Ganden Tripa, head of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, said about NKT's Kelsang Gyatso,

"If it (Shugden) were a real protector, it should protect the people. There may not be any protector such as this, which needs to be protected by the people. Is it proper to disturb the peace and harmony by causing conflicts, unleashing terror and shooting demonous words in order to please the Dharma protector? Does this fulfill the wishes of our great masters? Try to analyze and contemplate on the teachings that had been taught in the Lamrim (stages of path), Lojong (training of mind) and other scriptural texts. Does devoting time in framing detrimental plots and committing degrading act, which seems no different from the act of attacking monasteries wielding swords and spears and draining the holy robes of the Buddha with blood, fulfill the wishes of our great masters?

The act of pronouncing one's strong faith in worldly gods is no different from publicizing your faults and downfall in your adherence to "the advice or refuge-seeking."

This demonous act of ignoring the advice of His Holiness on spiritual and temporal ground intended for the benefit of Tibetans and masterminding certain detrimental activities in finding slightest differences to your view clearly signifies ones lack of patriotism."

Instead, NKT devises a plastic Shugdenism as a sword against us.