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Again NKT Promises

Like several times before, NKT insists it will stop protesting the Dalai Lama. This promise was published May 11, 2015.

Dear Friends, The Directors and managers of the International Shugden Community have made the decision that from August 2015 we are going to stop organising demonstrations against the Dalai Lama. The reason for this is that until now all our demonstrations have been very successful and we have fulfilled many of our aims. Now is the time to take a break. We need to help financially the Shugden monasteries in Nepal, India, Tibet and other countries because they really need this help. Therefore anyone who wishes to give a donation or sponsorship to the above monasteries please contact Kelsang Zangmo the daily manager for this project.

Yours sincerely

Len Foley Representative of the International Shugden Community

Len Foley is an infamous teacher at NKT. Zangmo is an NKT teacher in Brazil.

Question: why the 3 month delay?